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Comedy 4/12/13

    This Sunday is the BJ Shea Comedy Riot and Doug Benson is the headliner. Live comedy is awesome and I do not go see it enough. We had Christopher Titus in studio yesterday and he was funny as hell also. The thing I like about live comedy shows is that you never know what could happen and the stand up stage is one place where people are still honest. Most job's in the entertainment business have to be carful of dollars and advertisers but when you see a guy on the stage he is paid by the club and is going to give you exactly what he thinks. That freedom also allows the stand up comic to also talk about subjects that some would from upon but the stand up can tackle them with humor and people generally will get the idea. Sometimes we as people are so worked up and ready to argue about any point that someone makes and we are not willing to hear another view but when it involves comedy we will listen. The stand up comic is also in a very different place than most in the world because the comic is up there by themselves and if it goes bad there is no where to hide. Stand up comedy is one of the last places were you know one thing for sure and that is you will get the truth from that comic. Laughing is also a great way to relive stress and just relax. Think about it when is the last time you laughed out loud and not just said LOL. I hope you got some tickets for the show on Sunday and if you see me say hello because you know I will be excited 

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04/12/2013 2:12PM
Comedy 4/12/13
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