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Comedy 6/1/12

    What a crazy week here in Seattle. Not a lot of good news this week with the sad events on Wednesday. Sometimes when things like this happen people wonder where they can turn to for some relief and I think the best medicine is laughter. Now clearly tonight is the Comedy Riot but I am not just writing this trying to get you to go to the show but to honest I really a couple laughs help out a lot.


    Let me talk at you for a minute my man. When is the last time you have been somewhere that's a bad place to be in and someone cracks a joke and you smile. Its the same thing I think with tragedies, it will take away pain but it can help ease it. The other thing is that when someone makes you laugh it is a natural feeling that makes you feel great. Sometimes we look to odd things to make us happy but maybe we just need some good laughs in my mind. Hell the reason I have a job on the radio is because we can make people laugh when they are bad spots like traffic. I should maybe say we try to make people laugh. Anyhow tonight it is the night for BJ Shea's Comedy riot and I am very excited to see my man Mono Nick go out there and do well. He did seem a bit nervous about doing but like I told him who would not be nervous about going on stage in front of a couple thousand people. As you can tell I am ready to go and laugh because I could use a little TLC myself tonight and comedy is my TLC. Cheers

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06/01/2012 6:56PM
Comedy 6/1/12
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