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Complete and Utter Failure, But Music Is Still Here

So, remember all those movies I posted about last week? Yeah, still haven't seen any of them. FAIL.
Don't you worry, though, I will get to them very soon and when I do, I will post full reviews of each.

Sunday nights Suicidal Tendencies show was off the chaaaaaaaaain. Vocalist Mike Muir is still as psycho as he was back when he wrote the classic anti-establishment tirade "Institutionalized" back in the early 80's. All he wanted was just one Pepsi. I have a feeling he drank many of them after writing that song, probably all of them being for free. As it turned out, Suicidal was focusing most of their set to songs from the crossover album, "Join The Army." This is a good thing not just because the album was one of the seminal records in Suicidal's switch from punk to metal, but also because we finally got to hear all those songs the way they should have been heard. No offense to the Suicidal Family, but the recording quality on Join The Army is straight up raunchy.

This week, I awarded the FCC's most wanted award to the one and only Devourment. As I mentioned during the show, I was looking through all my Devourment discs for something to potentially play on the show, but nothing comes close to even being easy to even censor. Due to the vocalists indecipherable inward pig squeal, I can't distinguish an F word from a V word, a C word from an SH word. It's all the same. And while their lyrics aren't exactly for the faint of heart, or easily offended, their brutal brand of slamming death metal speaks for itself. Though Cattle Decap is headlining their Studio Seven show on the 28th, I'd say I'm a bit more excited for Devourment, see as how they have never been to the NW area during their entire 10 + year existence. Stoked.

This Thursday is Triptykon, which should be a trip. Har Har. If you are a fan of Celtic Frost, you gotta make it out to this show. Triptykon is the new project from Tom G. Warrior of CF. As a metal fan, what more could you want? Okay okay, there's a lot of things - namely free beer- but all in all, this is one of the shows I've really been looking forward to. I have been jamming Celtic Frost a ton too lately. Maybe I should get one of those bullet belts. Hahahaha.

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10/19/2010 12:07AM
Complete and Utter Failure, But Music Is Still Here
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