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Conan's last show 1/20/10

What up blogger?  So today is a crazy day in the history of late night tv. So I can hear you right now, your reading this blog and going well Ted I look to you for guideince with these things so how should I feel about whats going on? He is my honset opinon about what happened. I think that Conan did get the shaft in this deal. Now look I am not going to lie I feel like I my-self let Conan down by not watching enough of his show at 11:30. Now did he did get the rates that NBC was hopeing for but you have to look at the fact that Jay Leno never left. He was doing his show at ten right before Conan comes on at 11:35. I don't think that Conan ever got a fair shot. Now with all that said trust me tonight the show will be awesome. So I hope you tune in I know Thee Ted Smith will be.

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01/22/2010 2:12PM
Conan's last show 1/20/10
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