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Conan 3/11/10

    What up blogger? So today I am writeing you to talk about something I need you help with. First off if you say the first 10 of you blog people that come up to me at our 1000 show party and say cornbread I got you a beer fool. Anyhow today Conan annonced how he is doing a tour around the country and doing a stage show. He is doing two shows here in Seattle on April 18 and 19 th. It's sold out so don't sweat that. Now he has some roots here in Seattle and I want him on the mensroom. I promise Conan that we will not ask anything you don't want to talk about we just wanna say hello to you sir. Well you and ANDY cause ANDY is the man. Nick was nice enough to start a page on face to get Conan on or show so join that group and if you people know anyone that has a line to him please HELP

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03/11/2010 3:08PM
Conan 3/11/10
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