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Conan 5/3/11

    What up blogger? How you doing today? Me I am ok thanks for asking. So last night on Conan was a big show since Will Ferrel has been threating to shave his beard off for a while. Now the show was not as big as it should have been since there was real news to talk about in that Osama had been killed. Side note I am glad he is dead. Your boys got em Loondawg. Anyhow Conan was funny and Will came out to do the shaveing. Now if you listened to the show today then you know what I am saying when I say the shaveing part was just not that funny. Will is always real funny but for some reason the shaveing part just did nothing for me. One thing I always like about Conan is Andy Richter and man he was funny last night. He was always funny to me and still the man. Has nothing to do with the fact we could be brothers...

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05/03/2011 2:24PM
Conan 5/3/11
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