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Spring 4/10/14

    So spring is in the air and you what that means, I am not sure what it means. I just feel like that is one of those things people say but in the end spring can be a lot of things. For most they talk about spring cleaning which I was never a big fan of until this year but cleaning the place felt great. I think spring can be a jump off for starting new things or maybe just getting back to things you like. Change is always constant in life and I believe it should be constant in my personal life as well. Spring is also a good reminder of the fact summer is around the corner and so is the sun and fun. I always find it interesting when I say comments like "it's already summer" as if I was not aware of the fact summer is around the corner. It also seems crazy to me that in the fall when it gets to 65 I feel chilly but in the spring when you hit 65 I am warm and want to put on some shorts. Spring can be and mean a lot of things to everyone and I hope whatever it means to you, it is better for you. Get out for a walk and enjoy the sunny days we get because you never know when the gloom is around the corner here.

04/10/2014 2:21PM
Spring 4/10/14
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04/11/2014 2:28PM
Spring thing
Hey.............I enjoyed're right, Spring is like a pop up, new birdies and animal babies are born. But for most I think it's just ending the long winter, heavy dark clothes, dark days...................and as the Beatles said: Here Comes The Sun. But I'm laughing at your closing nevah know when that darn gloom will sneak back into the picture! (.....just life, we all get through it............what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.)! One of your 2 fans of the Blog. me and the Coach!
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