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Cops 5/13/10

    What up blogger? So how you doing today. I am doing good today, the sun is out and this evening I might be into some grilling. Sunny days in Seattle are the best. I say sunny days in general because even if it's cold out side on a clear which is rare but a cold sunny day is still awesome in this city. A warm sunny day in this city though is a wrap. I had plans to go home and have a quite night with some food but now I am all ready cracking beers while I type this. Miller Lite 16once aluminum pints if you care. Just opened number two fools. Anyhow this blog is about cops and how much I hate them. I mean who really needs cops. Its just another way for the man to beat up on white people. I am jokeing of-corse I don't hate cops at all and have needed them before so thanks for all you do. Now I writeing today about cops the tv show. Cops is still a good show that I do really enjoy in blocks. There are not many shows that I can watch over and over in blocks but cops is one of them. Why do people always think they are smarter then cops? well it's because they are drunk. i thought i was a real badass and smarter then a cop but I was compleatly wrong and got to hang out in Baltimore city jail for a couple of days. Also I like the guys that are messed up on street drugs and can't get stuff together. It always makes my day when I watch cops. I think most of us like to watch other people mess up.

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05/13/2010 2:30PM
Cops 5/13/10
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