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Craig Ferguson 8/25/11

    What up blogger? So I have been staying up late this week because, well don't have to tell you why you ant my mom. Anyhow I am up so I have been watching Craig Ferguson and I forget how funny he is. That show is unreal and I think I might start useing my DVR on that show. I would recomend that if you have not been watching it then you should. The only problem is that there are some many good shows on late night right now. Part of the reason I was missing Ferguson was Jimmy Kimmel is great and Jimmy Fallon is also good. This is also one of the reason's I think Conan has been haveing a tough time with all the good gusy on at night now. Speaking of that I have to admit as much as I Geoff the robot on Ferguson as a side kick, Andy Richter is still my favorite side kick. I would like to hang out with him sometime and see the world according to Andy.

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08/25/2011 2:30PM
Craig Ferguson 8/25/11
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