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Curb your enthusiasm 8/2/11

    What up blogger? So this week well it was yesterday I should not this week because it sounds longer ago than it was. Anyhow this week on the show I was talking about how funny curb has been this year. I am not supposed to use spell check on this blog so I will only call it curb. I looked up how to spell it for the title. Sorry Hairclub i cheated a little. Anyhow crub has been awesome this year. The one last week was called palistinia chicken. Now I don't or should't have to tell you that Jews and palaistinans don't get along. Larry David who the show is about is Jewish so him eating the chicken was fuuny to begen with but then he got invloved with a womon from the chicken spot and it was unreal. Maybe at this time I should mention Curb airs on Sunday nights on HBO. Larry David was the other co-writer for Seinfeld. That is one of my favorite shows ever so maybe thats why I love Curb so much but I am telling you check it out this season and it won't dissapoint

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08/02/2011 2:58PM
Curb your enthusiasm 8/2/11
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