DEVICE, HALESTORM: Stream Ozzy & Lita Cover

DEVICE, HALESTORM: Stream Ozzy & Lita Cover
Device have posted their cover of "Close My Eyes Forever" on YouTube. The track features David Draiman and Lzzy Hale tackling the roles of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford -- and giving it a modern spin.
The song is on Device's self-titled album, which is due out April 9th.
Give a listen and TELL me what you think below! Thanks!! (photo credit to 

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03/29/2013 10:49PM
DEVICE, HALESTORM: Stream Ozzy & Lita Cover
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03/29/2013 10:59PM
Love it!!
In my honest opinion I really do like it! It is an interesting song, and to have both of them work together on it is pretty darn awesome! I would love to hear it on the radio, and both of them are pretty awesome at collaborating! I think its a sweet version of it!
03/29/2013 11:12PM
Good stuff
Lzzy just has it. Straight up. I want it. The two voices were well matched together.
03/29/2013 11:13PM
Awesome Vocals
This is just a great cover! Can't wait to get the album!
03/29/2013 11:28PM
oh my god
i cant even fathom how awesome this is
03/30/2013 12:34AM
Lzzy and David did an amazing job on this cover. You can tell they really put a lot into getting the sound just right and their voices blend together so well. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
03/30/2013 12:55AM
missed the mark
Love my comment or hate it ... but this does not have the magic of the original. Nor does it take it to a new level. its well done and polished but... it lacks something.
03/31/2013 6:24PM
Good, but not the original
Well done, polished and Dave and Lzzy collaborate beautifully. However the shoes they are trying to fill are just too big. This is a good song, but the original was fantastic. Ozzy and Lita are rock legends and it's good to see some of the younger generation of rockers paying tribute. Keep rocking Dave and Lzzy
04/01/2013 6:14PM
I couldn't even finish listening to it. Just plain awful!! No comparison!! Not edgy enough!
04/01/2013 9:13PM
Good, but not as good
I, and many others love the original. Hard to top or match it. This version is good, but as others have said it is missing something.
04/02/2013 12:30PM
what its missing,..
i think they did great ..not the best but great..and what its missing is non mechanical music...drums sound like a lame drum machine and the rest of the music ..well...just not up to par...\m/-.-\m/
04/06/2013 8:58AM
Ozzy is God
Bad! Why would anyone want to even try to cover ozzy? one of the worst covers I ever heard, it was like being at a kareoke bar.
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