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Dana White and UFC 7/25/13

    Today on the show we are going to have UFC President Dana White and I am stoked as a UFC fan. Dana is a guy that always seems to speak his mind and exactly what is on it which I respect. The UFC has grown so much in the last ten years it is unreal and Dana has been a huge part of that. I have been to four UFC events and they are always fun and great people watching. I went to one last year in Las Vegas and if you ever get the chance to go to Vegas for fight night, do it. The energy in the room is so much fun. That is one thing that always awesome about live fights is the room is filled with fight energy and usually hot chicks. Now back to Mr. White who we have on today, I wonder sometimes what that guy does for fun. I know he says he loves to watch fights but it is also his job so I was thinking what does he do for fun? Most people watch UFC to take a escape from their lives but that is not a escape for him since it is work. Also I wonder when does the guy sleep since it appears that he is always working and promoting stuff? Dana White is a cool character on TV and I hope he is cool on the phone as well. 

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07/25/2013 2:14PM
Dana White and UFC 7/25/13
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