Sit N Spin! Richest Bass Players!

Sit N Spin! Richest Bass Players!
Krist Novoselic
Both and did pieces on the richest bassists out there. Check out the articles if you like! &

And a playlist for you!!

10. Nirvana's Krist Novoselic – $40 million "SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT"
9. No Doubt's Tony Kanal – $45 million "JUST A GIRL"
8. Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler – $65 million "FARIES WEAR BOOTS"
7. Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones – $80 million "COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN"
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea – $115 million "GIVE IT AWAY"
5. U2's Adam Clayton – $150 million "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY"
4. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters – $270 million "YOUNG LUST"
2. KISS' Gene Simmons – $300 million "DETROIT ROCK CITY"
2. The Police's Sting – $300 million "ROXANNE"
1. The Beatles' Paul McCartney – $1.2 billion "HELTER SKELTER"
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You've gotta check out Crobot!!


You've gotta check these guys out this Saturday night Sept 6th At El Corazon!! I rapped with lead singer Brandon Yeagley, we talked weed, James Brown, Queens Of The Stone Age and beards! Check it out!

KISW Presents Crobot

KISW Rock Girl Calendar -
Date: Saturday, September 06th at 08:00 pm
Venue: El Corazon
Tickets are $10 ADV / $13 DOS and available through This 21 and over event starts at 8 PM. Doors open at 7 PM.

The badass video for "Nowhere To Hide"

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Sit N Spin Top 10 Football Songs from AOL

Sit N Spin Top 10 Football Songs from AOL
Seahawks Championship Ring
The piece below comes from

It makes perfect sense with Mens Room celebrating their 2,000 show Thursday for the start of the Season!! Lil get together…..get details here.

A playlist of today's Sit N Spin! For your next Hawks prefunk!

The Top 10 Football Songs are those that you're likely to hear blaring out of the stadium speakers at college and pro football games. High-intensity rock and rap songs seem to work best when it comes to getting the adrenaline pumping and bringing fans to their feet, and many of these songs have been adopted by individual football teams as their signature tunes. Check out AOL's selections for the Top 10 Football Songs.

'Kickstart My Heart'
Mötley Crüe
Mötley Crüe created a football favorite with 'Kickstart My Heart.' The high-octane rock song from the band's best-selling album 'Dr. Feelgood' was penned by bassist Nikki Sixx. The song's opening sounds of a motorcycle speeding down the highway -- actually created on guitar by Mick Mars -- are a great way to get fans fired up.

'Not Afraid'
For an underdog football team, a song like Eminem's 'Not Afraid' can serve as an inspiration, due to its lyrical tale about perseverance and redemption. The track's dramatic keyboard swells can build up the tension and excitement in a stadium, and because the song hit No. 1, most everyone knows it and can sing along.

'Run This Town' Feat. Kanye West & Rihanna
In 2009, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West joined up with Rihanna on the smash hit 'Run This Town.' The National Football League used an orchestral remix of the song to open its coverage of Super Bowl XLIV, mixing clips of Jay-Z performing with highlights from the Indianapolis Colts' and New Orleans Saints' seasons.

'Super Bowl Shuffle'
1985 Chicago Bears
The 1985 Chicago Bears were so cocky they recorded a 'Super Bowl Shuffle' in which star players Walter Payton, Jim McMahon and Mike Singletary took turns rapping about their skills on and off the field. The Bears backed up their actions with a 46-10 thumping of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. Incredibly, the novelty song earned a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Vocal Performance.

'We Are the Champions'
There's no song football fans want to hear more than Queen's 'We Are the Champions,' because it means their team has won the Super Bowl. The song became a Top 10 hit in 1977 when it was released as a double-sided single with 'We Will Rock You,' and it will continue to live on for as long as teams are celebrating championships.

'Crazy Train'
Ozzy Osbourne
'Crazy Train' is one of the most recognizable sports anthems. Fans get excited the minute they hear Ozzy's maniacal laugh and the thumping bass and drum intro. The New England Patriots used the song as their entrance theme during their championship run in the 2000s, and Ozzy performed it live on the 'NFL Opening Kickoff 2005' special inside a giant Patriots helmet.

'Hell's Bells'
The menacing sound of bells announces the appearance of AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells.' Though not a big hit on the charts, the track from the 1980 album 'Back in Black' has gone on to become one of the group's most popular songs. Just before kickoff, the New York Giants play the beginning portion of the song to get the crowd rocking at every home game.

'Are You Ready for Some Football?'
Hank Williams Jr.
Country music outlaw Hank Williams Jr. has provided the theme song for 'Monday Night Football' for 22 years with 'Are You Ready For Some Football?,' an updated version of his 1984 Top 10 country hit 'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.' Williams has rerecorded the song over the years as 'Monday Night Football' has changed announcers and networks.

'Enter Sandman'
The thunderous intro to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' gets football fans psyched up with its minute-long buildup before its memorable guitar riff finally explodes. Everything about the heavy metal classic is aggressive, from James Hetfield's singing to Lars Ulrich's furious drumming to Kirk Hammett's searing guitar solo.

'We Will Rock You'
No song is better at pumping up sports fanatics than 'We Will Rock You,' Queen's epic hand-clapping, foot-stomping track. Freddie Mercury sings about "kicking your can all over the place," while guitarist Brian May finishes it off with a rocking solo. The song's short running time makes it an ideal choice to play during stoppages in the game, and makes it our pick for the Best Football Song.
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FOO FIGHTERS: Now This Is an Ice Bucket Challenge Video!

Dave Grohl - july 2008
FOO FIGHTERS: Now This Is an Ice Bucket Challenge Video!
Well, it looks like Foo Fighters have made an ice bucket challenge video that tops all others.
After a serious intro from frontman Dave Grohl challenging Jack BlackJohn Travoltaand Stephen King, the video turns into a parody of the 1976 film Carrie that starred Travolta and was based on the book by King. It's worth three minutes of your day to watch it now on YouTube.
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Sit N Spin Surprising Artists that have never had a #1 album!

Willie Nelson in Redmond, Washington 2008
Last month, “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC scored his first ever #1 album.  It wasn’t shocking that he’d never had one before, but it was a big deal that he got one now, after 30-plus years in the business.
And last week, TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS landed their first #1 album in 37 years.  That career-long drought was a little more surprising.
Now, has put together a list of “10 Surprising Artists Without a #1 Album.” Check out the full piece here.
1.  David Bowie.  He’s had seven Top 10 albums, and four in the Top Five, but none that have topped the Billboard 200.
2.  Marvin Gaye.  His 1973 album, “Let’s Get It On”, reached #2.
3.  The Who.  They’ve had ten Top 10 albums, and they’ve hit #2 twice:  With 1973′s “Quadrophenia” and 1978′s “Who Are You”.
4.  Cher.  She hit #3 with her most recent album, “Closer to the Truth”, and got up to #2 with “Look At Us”, the album she put out with Sonny Bono in 1965.
5.  Sting.  He’s had ten Top 10 albums as a solo artist, with three of them hitting Number Two.  But he DID have a #1 album with The Police.  “Synchronicity” spent 17 weeks at #1.
6.  Aretha Franklin.  She’s made it to #2 twice . . . with “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You” in 1967 and “Aretha: Lady Soul” in 1968.
7.  Willie Nelson.  His 1982 album “Always on my Mind” spent four weeks at #2, but couldn’t reach #1.
8.  Tina Turner.  Her 1984 album “Private Dancer” spent 11 weeks stuck at #3 behind Prince and the Revolution’s “Purple Rain” at #1 and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” at #2.  And “All the Best” in 2005 hit #2.
9.  Dr. Dre.  “The Chronic” spent six weeks at #3 in 1993, and his album, “2001″ spent three weeks at #2.
10.  KISS.  They don’t have a #1 . . . but they’re the American band with the most top 40 albums, with 26.  They got closest to #1 with 2009′s “Sonic Boom”, which debuted and peaked at #2.
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Sit N Spin Top 10 Songs In America

Top 10 Songs In America
Adam Levine 
So the braintrust had a brilliant idea (heh, heh) to feature the Top 10 Songs in America (for the last week in July btw).
The idea is that if any member of the show can guess the artist or title they win a dollar! Miles, Steve, Ben and Ian (Metal Shop) each figured out a few! 
Talk about torture for your money right?
This brings to mind an article that Hairclub sent us.  How the music industry is brainwashing you to like bad pop songs.  There is science involved!
Dig the playlist if you dare…….
4. “AM I WRONG” BY Norweigan pop duo NICO & VINZ
There it is Rockaholics, I would like to take this moment to apologize to you.  For the pop music blast. 
Till next Tuesday!
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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: New Clip Promotes Helping Video

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: New Clip Promotes Helping Video

Five Finger Death Punch are using their new video to promote helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
The video for "Wrong Side of Heaven," which is now on YouTube, contains info on how vets can get help from various organizations. The band has also launched a new website,, which features that info and more for vets.
Also on the site is info on the band's plan to have fans to send in their fallen loved ones’ dog tags for a memorial wall. The memorial will travel with Five Finger Death Punch on their fall tour and serve as the backdrop of the show. After the tour, the band will find a permanent home for the memorial in a museum.

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Sit N Spin Songs you wont hear for Dude it's the 80's Day!

Sit N Spin 11 songs you WON’T HEAR FOR DUDE IT’S THE 80’S DAY ON FRIDAY!
New Kids On the Block (210396978) 
We are stoked for Dude It’s The 80’s Day on Friday! Dig the link for what to expect and a rad playlist of what you’ll be hearing! (Which will sound NOTHING like today’s Sit N Spin!)
Now for today’s Sit N Spin! Horrible songs you WON’T BE HEARING FRIDAY!!
Sit N Spin playlist to torture those you love with heh!
Toni Basil - 'Mickey'
Whitney Houston - 'The Greatest Love Of All'
Wham! - 'Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go)'
Chris DeBurgh - 'Lady In Red'
Rick Astley - 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
HANGIN' TOUGH - new kids on the block
PHYSICAL - olivia newton-john
THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR - dionne & friends
Kenny loggins “danger zone”
Beach Boys “kokomo”
Starship - 'We Built This City 
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Pain In The Grass Rob Zombie needs you for 31!

Pain In The Grass Blog! Zombie needs you!
ROB ZOMBIE: Taps Fans for New Film
Posted: Thursday 02:19PM Jul. 31, 2014 PT
Rob Zombie is looking to fans to help fund his next film 31.
Zombie launched the two month campaign on Thursday at He's offering up such rewards as autographed posters, a chance for Zombie to follow a winner on Twitter, a winner's name in the credits and a lifetime laminate to see him, on tour, at any show.
The director-singer was wary of doing a fan backed campaign at first. He tells Rolling Stone, "People have come up to me over the years and asked, 'How can I get these props?' 'How can I come to the set?' So I realized a crowdfunding campaign is not a guy on a street corner with a hat asking for money."
Zombie also started work on a new album. He says, "I got off tour a few days ago, and right now I'm already working on the new album, which we'll have finished this year. I want to have it done before the movie starts. I don't want to come back to the record after the movie. It's too long of a break. We have a ton of stuff written and, little by little, we're finishing them up. We're more than half done at this point."
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Soundgarden show prior to Hawks season opener!

Great news Rockaholics!!
Seahawks wordmark 1976-2001 
Soundgarden will perform prior to Seattle Seahawks regular season opener vs Green Bay Packers on Thursday, Sept. 4 at CenturyLink Field. 
Odds are you were already ecstatic about the Seattle Seahawks' 2014 regular season opener against the Green Bay Packers.
Pharrell Williams will perform live outside Seattle's CenturyLink Field on Thursday, Sept. 4 to help kick off the NFL's 95th season. The celebration marks the 10th ceremony honoring the defending Super Bowl champions with the League's opening game in their stadium on primetime.
Doors to CenturyLink Field's North Plaza open at 2:30 p.m. PT with the performance to take place prior to the matchup between the Seahawks and Packers. The Emerald City's own Grammy Award-winning rock band Soundgarden are set to kick off the free event with simulcast coverage of the 60-minute pregame show airing from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. PT on NBC and NFL Network. 
We’re obviously over the moon about Soundgarden!! Are you? Here’s more details! Keep it locked to The Rock for even more!
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