Danny Carey of Tool: Busted ribs!

Danny Carey of Tool: Busted ribs!
So exactly one year ago I did a number on my own ribs.  (Long story for another time.) So, I like many of you know what that kind of pain feels like.  And to have to play drums??? Rough! Here’s wishing Danny a solid recovery, the new Tool will be worth the wait I’m sure!
TOOL: Drummer Took a Spill
Tool drummer Danny Carey admitted he's the member of the band who got crashed a Vespa a few weeks ago.
Last week, Tool's website cryptically revealed that one member had gotten into an accident, delaying work on their new album. Carey says, "It's been tough lately because I cracked four ribs, broke three of them on a motorcycle the other day, so I am kinda laid up at this point. It's making it really painful to play. It's not an easy thing to do."
Carey adds that he still hopes the new Tool album can be released by the end of the year.
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02/11/2013 5:37PM
Danny Carey of Tool: Busted ribs!
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