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Day 881 (01/13/10) Gross!!!!!!

Day 881 (01/13/10) Gross!!!!!!

This morning we talked about a story good Morning America did…before we got to the story, we were trying to figure out who the hosts are on GMA…I guess there is some girl name JuJu on the show, and a lady named Robin Roberts.  When we went to Robin’s bio page, I mentioned how she looks like Scotty Pippen (formerly of the Chicago Bulls)…and BJ & I goofed about that…then Double R mentioned: “Didn’t she have cancer?”  Thanks for bringing the room down Dub…boy did I feel like an ass!

So we read this story that came from GMA…The next time you go clothes shopping, we want you to think about this . . .

Recently, "Good Morning America" bought new clothes from three popular but unnamed clothing store chains in New York City, ranging from the low-end of the price range to the high-end.  Then they asked a microbiologist from New York University named Dr. Phillip Tierno to test for germs and other microscopic nastiness on the clothes. So he did.  And of the 14 pieces of clothes he tested, several of them contained traces of gross stuff like:
--Dead skin




--Feces and . . .

--Vaginal organisms

According to Dr. Tierno, organisms can survive for weeks or even months on clothing.  And even though the clothes are technically "new," other people might have returned them or tried them on.  Even so, your chances of getting sick from trying on clothes are still pretty low.  (ABC News)

And based on this discussion…ladies & gentleman, here is the most disgusting email of the day:

Dude I used to work at (a clothing store) years ago…and you would be surprised how many people s*** (feces) in the dressing rooms at the store I worked at it happened all the time. so just imagine the clothes they would wear.

Big thanks to Dave Attell for joining us this morning…Dave is at the Moore Theater on Saturday.  Dave told us last weekend he was in Vegas hosting the AVN Porn Awards show.  Apparently some of his jokes during the monologue were too racy in content during the AVN’s…in fact some people groaned during some jokes…to which Dave replied to the audience of porn stars: “Groaning me? You guys are covered in sauce!”

Today’s video blog gives ya glimpse into the world of BJ’s drawers.

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people.

01/13/2010 8:29AM
Day 881 (01/13/10) Gross!!!!!!
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