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Day 888 (01/25/10) Double R?s Ride A Long!

First off...props to Conan O'Brien for a great final show on Friday night.  The guy is obviously going to land on his feet, he is too talented to not be back on TV sometime soon.  He farewell speech will be remembered for being nothing short of great.  if you have time, click on the link below, and watch the final speech (the person who posted this disabled the ability to embed):

The part that hits home for me is something that he said that is a true life lesson, and I believe rings very true:

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were gonna get.  But if you work really hard, and you're kind, AMAZING things will happen."

Thanks To Casey McNerthney from the Seattle P.I. for joining us…we got to meet Casey in a funny way…we were unintentionally stealing his articles & posting em’ on BJ’s site.  Casey reached out to us & hipped us to this…we realized that we weren’t providing credit to him when posting his stories, and we felt horrible about it, so we had Casey on to offer an on-air apology, plus we talked about some of the stories that Casey writes about…check out Casey here:

Casey shared a hilarious story of a 15-year-old Lewis County boy had his mom call the cops on him after she allegedly saw him standing behind a horse on a feed bucket with his pants down and his body pressed against the animal's rear. He is facing an animal cruelty charge and a probation violation charge.  Read the full story here:

Over the weekend, Double R went on a ride along…based on his Facebook postings, it sounded like an action packed expericnce!  Here are some of the posts he made:

(8:18 PM) Off to Lakewood to catch bad guys... I'll keep y'all posted! All night long!

(11:14 PM) Finally some action!!! It's been slow down here in Lakewood... But now some chick beat up her mom and was running down a busy street with a stroller in one hand And a bag of 40oz malt liquor bottles. What's wrong with this world??? Parent licenses are a must!

(11:42 PM) This piece of s**t not only abused her mother and toddler daughter... she had the audacity to say "that's why 4 officers got shot! They deserved it!." Have a fun time in jail for felony assault!


(1:12 AM) High speed chase baby!!! Ended with a stater in a ditch and another idiot with a kid in the car! Got out and ran... Threw his kid over a fence! What's wrong with these people?!!

(1:15 AM) Here's the genius! Rot in jail! He endangered MANY lives! Cops, pedestrians, construction workers, but most importantly HIS KID! Pathetic!


(2:27 AM) Happy to go to jail! Happy to talk like a tough guy! ...oh and another genius using the Lakewood tragedy to try and hurt the cops! Who's hurting now?? .... Idiot!


I had an action packed weekend as well…On Saturday night, my lady & I watched The Pregnancy Pact on the Lifetime Channel.  This film was an exercise in horrible acting, and complete stupidity. The actors & writers involved in this film should be shot…wait…I was watching Lifetime on a Saturday night…I should be shot!  Here is my problem; I will watch any movie that says “Based On A True Story.”  We were flipping channels and my lady said “Ooh, I wanted to see this movie.”  I replied with “Uh, great” & figured I would use this time to take a nap…but instead I got pissed by the story... and stood awake (the irony was that my lady fell asleep during the film).  This movie was based on that story of those High School girls in Massachusetts, who back in 2008 made a “pregnancy pact” & a bunch of them got pregnant. 

On Friday I did play some hockey…I play goalie, and I play with guys that are way better than me, but I think in order to be better at anything in life, you have to “play” with people that are better than you.  Some of the guys I play with are former pro’s, former minor leaguers, and a lot of guys that have played all their life…one of the guys wound up & took a slap shot on me, and mind you I have pads on, but this shot hit me so hard I thought my arm was going to fall off and land in the goal.  The next day I got outta the shower, and noticed it left a mark.


My bud, comedian Craig Gass posted a funny picture on Facebook with this caption:

Ok, really quick.... Gary Coleman's arrest photo. Which Star Wars character is he related to?

Hmmmm…”Yoda, he is.”

Thanks to Q13's Bill Wixey for joining us this morning...Bill & I play hockey together, and while hanging in the locker room, one of the guys we play with said "Hey, did you hear that Wix just flew to Haiti?"  Apparently he flew to Haiti on a C-17 Cargo Plane Friday morning, and returned Saturday...geez that's a whirlwind trip...7 hour flight, then 2 hours in Haiti, and another 7 hour flight home.  While there, they picked up about 80 evacuees...some powerful stuff!!!  To Check out Bill's report on his trip to Haiti, click here:,0,6153442.story

Today’s Video Blog features Intern Annabelle doing a report at the Jet City Tattoo Expo that went down over the weekend.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

01/25/2010 10:10AM
Day 888 (01/25/10) Double R’s Ride A Long!
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