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Day 889 (01/26/10) Chekov!

Yesterday was fun, Lucy & I visited Double R as he was collecting money for his latest Double R Challenge:  Change For Haiti.  Since Dub was in our neck of the woods…Stinky & I jumped in the car & visited him at Big O tires!


Thanks to Walter Koenig for joining us this morning.  Walter is the original Chekov from Star Trek, plus he was in Babylon 5…Walter has a film out that he made called InAlienable…which is out on DVD today.  We all watched, er…we all tried to watch this film, it’s more like “In-Ambien-able” as this film put me to sleep in less than 10 minutes.  BJ asked me if I saw a scene that happened relatively soon in the film, and I said “No, I was already asleep.”  Regardless of our reviews, if you are a Sci-Fi fan, you should probably check this out as it has a bunch of Sci-Fi stars like Richard Hatch (“Battlestar Gallactica”), Erick Avari (“Heroes”), Marina Sirtis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Richard Herd (“V”), and others.  The special effects on this film are hilarious…check out towards the end of this trailer there is a baby that is an alien that is supposed to have octopus like tentacles…but it looks like they just went to a sex toy shop & attached fake penis’s as extra arms.

This story blew our mind:

A new study from the University of California at Davis has found that ONE in FIVE women has experienced some form of "pregnancy coercion," which is when a guy uses threats or deception to try and get his girl pregnant.  And 15% of women say they've been victims of birth control sabotage, which is when a guy pokes holes in condoms or destroys contraceptives in some other way. Overall, 53% of women say they've experienced physical or sexual violence in a relationship.  And of those women, 35% say the guy tried to coerce them into getting pregnant, or sabotaged their birth control in order to "trap" them.  A woman named Elizabeth Miller led the study.  She says, quote, "This study highlights an under-recognized phenomenon where male partners actively attempt to promote pregnancy against the will of their female partners." Not only is reproductive coercion associated with violence from male partners, but when women report experiencing both reproductive coercion and partner violence, the risk for unintended pregnancy increases significantly."  (EurekAlert)

Why would any guy want to trap a woman by getting her pregnant?  There are so many woman out there that have a “biological ticking clock”…these guys should be with those chicks instead of impregnating the few women out there that don’t want a child.  My take is that these men are so insecure, and don’t want to lose the woman they are with…so they impregnate them to keep them…it’s the same logic why women try and impregnate their men.

We had a guy named Shane on the show that admitted that he is that guy…he said that by having a baby there is a lifetime connection, and he can manipulate the woman to do what he wants.  He doesn’t have a child, but said he is trying.  I have to say…this view point saddens me.

This was a spirited debate…download the 8’er to hear it.

Today’s Video Blog features Double R getting a Pot Pie from Vicky Barcelona!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

01/26/2010 7:47AM
Day 889 (01/26/10) Chekov!
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