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Day 892 (01/29/10) Dub's seen us Naked?

This morning we played audio of Double R making a call in to the Men’s Room the other day…while on air with them, he told the fellas a story about being in Mexico where he got wasted and went swimming late at night…he got back to the hotel room…took his pants off & got buck naked & crawled into bed with his passed out buddy…a male buddy!!  What the hell?????  I’ve never been so drunk that I would crawl into bed with a passed out buddy…clothes or no clothes.  We then talked about how Double R likes to get naked in front of men…to which Double R said he sees no big in this…in fact he has seen all of his friends naked.  I told him that he hasn’t seen me naked, and Double R said “Yes I have…you were drunk one of those times we shared a hotel.”  Never before have I wanted to leave the show & take a shower…I felt DIRTY!  He then said that one time he shared a room with BJ, he saw BJ naked too…he was able to see him naked getting out of the shower because of where he was sitting he was able to see it through the mirror.  Wow.

We had some drama with Glen the Toolbox this morning…Glen is still bitter that Vicky Barcelona got the job she got on our show, and we didn’t even consider him.  Well, he took his frustration out via the web…on one of our You Tube videos that featured Vicky, Glen actually posted this after someone posted that Vicky is cute (I didn’t edit what he wrote…spelling errors included):

“WTF you calling Vikki a beatyfull woman…that’s one hittious chud of a chick!!!”

Obviously Glen is an idiot for writing this…Vicky didn’t deserve any of these insults, and he said them out of jealousy.  Here is what I find laughable…a main part of Vicky’s job is web updating, communicating with listeners, and other staff members…spelling is an important part of what she is doing, yet Glen felt that he was better qualified for the job??? The guy spells like a dyslexic 2 year old!

One of our old interns sent me this email…if you or anyone you know can help him out, that would rock!

Hey guys, 
Over the past weekend 1/23/10 I was assaulted in the first degree by 3 men, I did find out who they were and they got arrested for first degree assault which is a felony charge. The reason I am e-mailing you is I do need a lawyer to take my case. You guys have a close group of listeners from all walks of life that love to help one another. So if possible could you guys give a quick shout out over the airways to try to find me some help. I'll attach some pics to show how badly I was assaulted, not shown in Pics is that they did knock out my tooth.
Old Intern Donald

Here is Donald’s contact info:  --  206-795-6934

Today’s Video Blog features the very funny Gary Gulman.  You probably remember Gary from Last Comic Standing, and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm...he is at the Parlor Live in Bellevue this weekend.  Get more info by going here:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

01/29/2010 6:28AM
Day 892 (01/29/10) Dub's seen us Naked?
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