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Day 896 (02/09/10) "Peek A Brew"

If you haven’t done so…be sure to vote for Rock Girls…the voting ends tomorrow at midnight, so get cracking!!!!!   Click here to vote, and be sure to “enlarge photo” to fully experience the girls that are up for votes:

Thanks to Duff Goldman for joining us this morning…Duff is the star of Ace Of Cakes…an awesome show about his cake business “Charm City Cakes” in Baltimore.  We learned something interesting about Duff thanks to a good friend of the show, a lady that has been a listener & supporter of BJ since the BUZZ days.  We had Jilly on this morning to tell Duff thanks…here is the email:

Hey BJ, if you get the opportunity, please pass my thanks along to Duff tomorrow for crediting my dad for being an inspiration to him. Here is his quote:

Even though some credit his Food Network show with elevating the art and craft of cake decorating, Goldman doesn't see himself as a pioneer.

"I certainly did not invent the world of cake sculpture," he said, adding that he has been inspired by the late Larry Powell's "Big Book of Cake Decorating," which came out in 1977.

My dad passed away six months ago, and it has left a huge hole in our lives. He was an amazing artist, baker and cake decorator, but he was even better human being and father. Man, I miss that guy.

Thanks, BJ.


Duff told Jill that he was such a fan of her dad's cakes that he bought Larry’s book on eBAY for over 300 bucks.  What a cool story!!!!  Duff was genuinely stoked that we brought Larry’s name up, and appreciative that we had Jill on the phone…it was such a cool moment, and apparently I “rooned” that moment when I asked Duff to make my wedding cake.  Hey…we did him a solid, I figured he could do one for us…uh…I mean me.

Jill sent us pix of one of the cakes her dad made…like 30 years ago…yes, that elephant is a cake…unreal!!!!!



Boy I am pissed about this article in the Seattle Times:

I absolutely HATE this article.  This article is the perfect example of why I hate critics…I truly believe this idiot (as well as critics like him) go into a show with the article already written in his head.  What a snobby, pretentious, pile of words…he is an embarrassment to those that review concerts with an open eye.  In the article he has the ignorance to say that William Duvall sounds exactly like Layne…The reason why William sounds like Layne is because of Jerry’s harmonies…that was what always made Alice In Chains such a great band…it was the combo of Layne & Jerry’s voice, and now it’s the combo of William & Jerry’s voice.  Maybe this writer should listen to the songs where Duvall is the sole guy singing…or listen to his prior band Comes With The Fall.  Sure there are parts where their voices sound similar, but they aren’t exact.  Personally…I think this guy came up with a review of this concert before he even attended the show…he came up with some “witty” (and by witty I mean stupid) lines & made it fit into his review…here is the one part of his article that is moronic at best:

He (Duvall) is to Staley what O'Doul's is to beer, a pitch-perfect facsimile minus intoxicating edge. This is what it comes down to, the reason why AIC should stop: What does "down in a hole/losing my soul” mean when sung by the new guy? Who isn't a 24-year-old drug addict from a broken home?

Can people stop bitching about William Duvall?  It’s not his fault that Layne is no longer the singer of AIC, if anything we should thank him…as an Alice In Chains fan I am grateful that William is in the band because we are able to see these guys live again, and hear them make new music as well.  Yes he doesn’t have the “edge” that Layne had…no one would, we just need to accept that & quit whining.

Thanks to Randi & Kaylee from Peek A Brew Espresso in Bonney Lake for coming in…they were here with the owner Kendra, and they have created a site called where people can watch them work in the comfort of their own home…they have 6 web cams in the stand…and for $3.99 a month you can finally watch the baristas with your pants off, and not get arrested. 


Today’s Video Blog features Kaylee & Randi from Peek A Brew, and yes…we had them try the Shake Weight!

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE people!

02/09/2010 8:11AM
Day 896 (02/09/10) "Peek A Brew"
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02/09/2010 10:54AM
Mistress of Booze
Thank you for pointing out how much of a jerkoff that writer for the Seattle Times is. His review was a complete insult to all Alice In Chains fans, especially those of us that were at the show/s. By his logic, most bands would need to stop singing their most popular songs because they've gotten past their additions/issues. UGH! I could go on about how WRONG this guy is, but I don't want to waste any more time on that a$$hole. THANK YOU for standing up for William and AIC--the FANS love them and that's all that matters!!!
04/15/2010 3:33PM
I'm a little late to the party, but thanks for blogging about my papa and his cake art! That was so cool visiting with Duff. Steve, you rock. Jill
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