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Day 898 (02/11/10) "What A Day"

Geez what a morning….lets review:

I get a phone call from Double R…he sounded like he was in a state of panic “Bro…I just got into a really bad accident.”  Dub wasn’t very coherent, he told me he was somewhere near the Westin…so I left work to find him to make sure he was OK.  When I found him he was out of his car with a police officer…and his SUV was totaled!  His passenger side of the car was crunched into one of those pillars that holds up the Mono-Rail on 5th Ave.  His airbag was set off, and Double R seemed disheveled & when I left I thought he was going to go to the hospital. 

So let’s return to the studio…I am mid-sentence describing what happened to Double R when Double R WALKED into the studio.  He obviously wasn’t 100% there…when we told him he should leave & go to the hospital he got confrontational, even though he said it hurts when he breathes, his leg was messed up, and he thought he broke his wrist.  Finally we kicked him out & had Mono-Nick take him to the emergency room. 

Of course while at the emergency room…Double R took the time to Twit Pic it:

This morning we had Marc Rudov on the show…Marc has a website: ….We had Marc on to talk about his mission:  To Boycott Valentines Day.  I love Marc, he is a great guest, and I love seeing him on the Fox News Channel when they have him debate a mouthy woman:

Marc told us that most men have the vagina phobia…fear of getting it…fear of losing it.  When talking about Valentines Day, he said it’s not “Romance Day…it’s No Mans day.”  Marc had the line of all lines:  “The Woman is the goalie of her uterus!”  This was a great segment that led to a ton of calls from women that were pissed with Marc!  Happy Valentines Day ladies!!!

Thanks to Demico Rogers & Justin “The Viking” Wren for coming in.  Both of them will be at Rumble On The Ridge 8 – Hostile Engagement on Saturday night.  Get info at  Demico & justin were both on last seasons The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV, and I sure hope both of them go on to have great careers in the UFC, as they are great guys & great  fighters. 

JB Smoove was on out show this morning…JB is hilarious on Curb Your Entusiasm as Larry’s friend Leon, and he is at The Parlor Live in Bellevue  this weekend (including Sunday) doing comedy…get tix at

For me...the highlight of having JB on the show was to show him love for his role as Trucky in one of my all time fave movies -- Pootie Tang --  JB started busting into character & quoting lines from Pootie Tang, for me...having JB say "Wah Dah Tah", and "Sah Da Tay" was like being in a room & having Moses recite the Ten Commandments.  One of my favorite lines by Trucky in Pootie Tang is this:

"He was rejuvenated. You hear that? Rejuvenated. He was juvenated before, lost it... and got juvinated again. Rejuvenated!"

Well...have a great few days...we are off until Wednesday as BJ is off to LA to take his daughter to auditions for performing arts schools.

Today’s Video Blog features Justin “The Viking Wren” Wren & “The Night Train” Demico Rogers….plus it features Valentines Day gifts from Intern Annabelle, and a couple of guests as well.


Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

02/11/2010 9:23AM
Day 898 (02/11/10) "What A Day"
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02/11/2010 6:55PM
I warned People about ambian, i almost drove off a cliff!! Get well soon R-R
02/14/2010 6:30PM
Steve, just listened to "Rudov: Marriage Makes People Sick" clip and 100% agree with him. The woman? What an idiot; plus her laugh irritates me. I always wonder why women laugh so much. You guy's are awesome! Michaela
02/16/2010 9:23AM
So what happened to Double R? Will you be updating his status on Wednesday? Hope so. He was totally out of it on Thursday.
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