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Day 901 (02/19/10) Louie Anderson Rules!

Man, last nights episode of Celebrity Rehab was intense. If you are a fan of Alice In Chains…you should check it out as the show features former bassist Mike Starr & last night they spent time on his story of addiction. I learned that Mike was the last person to see Layne Staley as they were getting high together. It seems like Mike has been holding in these feelings since Layne passed away. Layne’s mom was on the show as well…her speech was powerful, as well as the moment where Mike sat down with Nancy & apologized to her. You really need to see it. One moment that got me choked up was when one of the therapists asked Mike what he is always listening to (he always has headphones on) & he said his band (Alice In Chains)…she asked him if he ever gets sick of listening to his band over & over…to which he said no…this is his way he can listen to his friend (Layne) since he can’t talk to him any more.

Big thanks to Louie Anderson for coming in this morning. It was a true honor to meet such a comedy legend. Louie is performing with Kyle Cease tomorrow night at the Grand Ballroom in Bellevue…go to . Louie will be at the Parlor Live all weekend with Kyle for the Stand Up Boot Camp…seriously, if you can make this event…go to it. Go to Check out Louie on Facebook:

So we played some of Tiger's public statement to get his sponsors back...uh...I mean his "apology" this morning. For such an educated guy, he sounded like a robotic idiot during his speech...hell; Steven Hawking & Roger Ebert have more soul in their computer generated voice than Tiger had this morning. Like I have said before...I just don't care about Tiger and his apology...he doesn't need to apologize to the public in my opinion...keep it private & clean up your mess out of the spotlight narcissistic "F."

Today’s Video Blog features Rock Girl Finalist Krystal:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

02/19/2010 7:13AM
Day 901 (02/19/10) Louie Anderson Rules!
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02/19/2010 7:58PM
dude i watched that episode of celebrity rehab and it almost brought me to tears too. I hope things get better for him.
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