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Day 905 (02/25/10) Bad Start = Great Finish!

Damn I woke up with a horrible headache, and it didn’t get better as the show started off with the Rev & BJ arguing, and then it didn’t get better when we talked about a beauty queen from Beverly Hills that took shots at homosexuality & used the book of Leviticus to justify her opinions.  BJ read a bunch of quotes from Leviticus, and wow…there are some crazy things said in that, which is why Christians have dismissed this book…but the fact that there are people out there that use this book to justify their opinions make my brain hurt.
The day got better once we had Lzzy Hale on the show.  Lzzy is the lead singer of Halestorm, who will be at our sold out Rock Girl Gala.  Halestorm have that great song “I Get Off”:


I shared a story with Lzzy about how a few weeks back we were talking about Halestorm, and I thought the best gig in the world would be the drummer of Halestorm…because you get to sit & stare at her backside for 45 minutes a night…and the fact that the drummer is her brother is a waste of a great perspective.  She told us a fun story of how a lot of guys after the show go up to her brother to echo my sentiment, and when he tells them that she is her sister…the fans freak out & apologize for that.  Too funny.  Lzzy was honestly an awesome interview, and seems like a real cool chick.  I’m stoked to see them live on Saturday at the Rock Girl Gala!!!  Lzzy invited me up to play the cowbell on “It’s Not You” – that would be hilarious if it actually happens!

Huge Thanks to Mike McCready from Pearl Jam & Duff McKagan for coming in this morning.  This Sunday they are doing a benefit show for the people of Haiti.  They are calling it the Hootenanny for Haiti, and it’s at the Showbox at the Market.  This sounds real cool, as they are performing in true hootenanny style…all together – acoustically.  There will be a bunch of local rock stars on stage…like matt Cameron (Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam), Kim Virant, Kim Warnick (formerly of The Fastbacks & Visqueen), and many more.  Duff & Mike brought in Jeff Rouse (from Duff’s band LOADED), and Gary Westlake (from Mike’s UFO Tribute band – Flight To Mars) to give us a taste of what Sunday will be like….here they are playing cover of the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”:


Here they are playing another Stones song “Dead Flowers”:

It was such an awesome experience to have these guys in.  like I was telling BJ during commercials…if I could go back in time to my senior year in High School, and tell the 17 year old version of me that one day I would be in the same room with Duff from G N’ R, and Mike from Pearl Jam, as they perform acoustic right in front of me…I would have thought I was crazy.  Plus I would have thought I got really fat.

Duff & Jeff are playing tomorrow night, as LOADED is in Aberdeen. It’s an all ages show at the D & R Theater.

Today’s Video Blog features Rock girl Finalist Shirley Ann.


Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

02/25/2010 10:49AM
Day 905 (02/25/10) Bad Start = Great Finish!
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02/25/2010 7:02PM
Chris aka TANK
YAY!!! I told you! She said hi to me and so did you guys! that was awesome! You guys still comin down to the Monkey? That would be awesome! p.s. I would like to acquire a Rock Girl Gala ticket...please? that would be cool!
02/27/2010 5:34AM
Looking at the videos of the rock Girls to be and the others like promo for Hatti. I just wanted to say these are great not only do we get to see the girls but also it is cool to re-see the show and see how the show went. It’s fun to see all of the guy’s goofy faces while the show is going on.
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