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Day 906 (02/26/10) Kevin Smith Rules!

The show started off with us talking about how excited we are for team USA in Olympic hockey.  If they beat Finland today, off to the Gold Medal game we go.  I am so excited.  Plus if Canada wins their game…it will be a USA vs. Canada finals…how awesome would that be?  In Canada too!!!  Vancouver would be rocking on Sunday.  Double R mentioned that he is going to try to make it up to Vancouver to try and go to the game on Sunday…he said I should go with him.  I told him that I wish I could, but I don’t have a Passport or a fancy I.D. to get me in 7 out of the country.  So his brilliant idea was this…we take separate cars…so that if I don’t get in with my I.D. & passport, I could turn around & go home…which sounds like a great reason to make a long drive for potentially nothing.  Also, let’s just say I do get in…what if I can’t get back into the US after the game?  Double R had it all figured out… “We can figure it out…you can jump a ditch or something.”  Ok, that’s a great idea…I’ll just leave my car at the Peach Arch, and try and make a run for the border.

Big thanks to Rex Navarette for coming in…he is one funny dude!  Check out Rex at the Parlor Live this weekend.  Go to for details.

While Rex was on the show, we got a phone call from Kevin Smith…it was so cool…especially for rex as he is a huge Kevin Smith fan.  I shot Kevin an email earlier this morning with hopes he might call in, but doubted that he would, but Kevin did & what a great interview once again with Kevin.  His new movie, Cop Out, is hilarious…if you love films like Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop, and Fletch…you will love it.  Tracy Morgan & Bruce Willis kicked ass, but I have to say…Sean William Scott (Stifler) stole the film!  Go see it!!!  Kevin spent some time chatting about the incident on Southwest Airlines, he was so passionate about getting the truth out…if you missed our interview…be sure to check it out in our interviews section.

Thanks to comedian Doug Benson for calling in this morning...sadly, Dou wasn't calling in for laughs like he usually provides when we have him on.  I was chatting with Doug the other day, and he mentioned that he is friends with Andrew Koenig, who was unfortunately found dead yesterday up in Vancouver.  Andrew was known for his role as "Boner" on Growing Pains, and was battling with depression and went to vancouver (his favorite place) to take his life.  It's truly a sad story, and watching his dad Walter speak to the media yesterday was heart breaking.  Doug has known him since the Growing Pain days, many years ago, and Doug was surprised by all of this as Doug didn't see him as a depressed person.

Today’s Video Blog features Rock Girl Finalist Alicia!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

02/26/2010 12:39PM
Day 906 (02/26/10) Kevin Smith Rules!
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