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Day 911 (03/05/10) Double R is off to LA!!!!

Based on yesterday’s discussion about marriage, we got a few emails from people that would like to read the stats we read on air, here is that story:

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control released a new study on marriage and relationships.  Take a look at some of their findings:

  • According to the study, 78% of marriages last at least five years. 

  • And when a couple lives together without getting married, they have just a 30% chance of making it five years. 

  • The main reason for THAT statistic is that 51% of the couples who live together end up getting married WITHIN THREE YEARS.

  • In a first marriage, couples have a higher chance of staying together for ten years or longer if they're from the same RACE.

  • When couples are married for at least eight months before having their first kid, nearly FOUR in FIVE of them end up making it to their tenth anniversary.

  • Married couples that never have kids are less than HALF as likely to last ten years as couples who do have kids.

  • And when a man and woman are both at least 26 years old when they get married, the odds that they'll make it ten years is about 75%.  But when they get married as teens, they only have a 50-50 shot at making it ten years.

  • And according to a separate survey of 4,000 couples in the UK, married couples are HAPPIEST 11 months and eight days after their wedding.  And they have their BEST SEX after they've been married for two years and four months.  (Yahoo News)

Exciting news this morning…we played audio from our Nut Hut podcast where Louie Anderson called Double R’s cell to let Dub know the exciting news…Louie got Dub an audition on Last Comic Standing this weekend.  Double R leaves for LA to audition this weekend.  Good Luck Dub!!!  Wow.  That is so cool.  I am sure this will piss off some of the local comics, as Dub just started dabbling in stand up comedy a couple weeks ago after being inspired at the Stand Up Boot Camp.  I have to say this…people who get pissed & jealous when something good happens to someone need to look at themselves in the mirror & realize that good things don’t happen to them because they live a miserable, bitter experience.  Good things happen to good people.  I truly believe that.  I have always lived my life this way, and I try not to associate myself with people like this.  I’ve seen this in the world of music too…funny how musicians & comics are a like…I remember a long time ago, and my band was starting out at the same time as Death Cab For Cutie…we played tons of shows with them & rolled in the same circle of friends/bands.  Once they started getting popular, it’s funny how some would complain about their success.  Here’s a thought…they are good dudes, and worked hard, and deserve the success…I couldn’t be happier for them.  I see this in relationships too…I hate when people give people a hard time because they are happy in a relationship…some people get weird about that, and bitch about those that are happy…I guess it’s a case of misery loves company.  Here’s a thought, lose the miserable mentality, be inspired by those that do have good things happen to them.  Good things happen to good people.

Big thanks to Doug Benson for coming in this morning.  Doug has become a great friend of the show, and is in town at the Parlor Live this weekend.  Get more info at . Also if you buy your tix at that site…enter BJ in the promo code for a $5 discount.

Today's Video Blog features Doug Benson taking a call from a guy who showed up to Doug's show last night!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

03/05/2010 7:26AM
Day 911 (03/05/10) Double R is off to LA!!!!
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