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Day 913 (03/09/10) "BJ is the Ultimate Geek!"

Fun times this morning…the morning started off with a battle of nerd-dom between BJ & Anthony from the Opie & Anthony show…both are big Star trek fans, so we had a head to head battle in Star trek trivia…and BJ was the big winner…or…well…the biggest loser, as he beat Anthony 3 to 2.  Here are the questions we asked Anthony (we asked Anthony 5 questions, and they asked BJ 5 questions):

1. What does NCC and USS stand for?
2. Doctor Leonard McCoy became chief medical officer of the Enterprise after the departure of ______________________ in 2265.
3.  While on patrol in deep space during the episode “Space Seed”, the Enterprise comes across an old Earth space vessel…What is the name of that vessel?
4. When Kirk and his landing party arrive on the planet during the “Catspaw” episode,  they are met by a wizard who tries to bend them to his will.  What is the wizard’s name?
5. In the “Court Martial” episode, Captain Kirk meets a lost love who eventually turns out to be the prosecuting attorney.  What is her name?
This morning I learned something new…it’s called the “Push Present” …the idea of this is that the woman should expect a gift as big or bigger than their engagement ring at the time they are in the hospital and have just delivered a child.  This is ridiculous!  Did I mention that this is completely ridiculous!!!!  What’s next?  An “Aunt Flo” gift when it’s that time of the month?  Where is my Push Present?  After I eat Mexican I need to push something out…where’s my gift…where’s my watch?

Thanks to Leonard Nimoy for joining us…during my intro I made mention of Leonard Nimoy singing a song about Bilbo Baggins…if you have never seen it…check it out here:

Leonard summed it up best… “I was ahead of my time.”  Having Leonard on the phone was funny…I was never a Star Trek fan, but my dad was when I was growing up…so hearing his voice was a trip since it’s such a distinctive voice, so it felt like we were talking about Spock.

Huge thanks to Matt Hardy from the WWE for coming in this morning…it was real cool meeting him, a real nice guy.  Matt is here for WWE Smackdown & WWE NXT tonight at the Key Arena Check out today’s video blog to watch some of our interview with Matt!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

Here are the answers to the Star Trek Trivia:
1. In the Star Trek universe, NCC stands for Naval Construct Contract and USS stands for United Space Ship (not United States Ship).
2. Dr. Mark Piper
3. The SS Botany Bay
4. Korob
5. Lt. Areel Shaw

03/09/2010 9:04AM
Day 913 (03/09/10) "BJ is the Ultimate Geek!"
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03/09/2010 12:20PM
Jeremy Seda
I tried calling into the radio show this morning to comment on the absurdity of the "Push Present". This doesn't surprise me as I've dated so many women who think that any holiday is a call for a new gift and a celebration as to how special they are. I've been known to quote a little too often, but two of my most relevant and favorite quotes are: 1. You only deserve that which you work for. - and - 2. I'll treat you like a princess so long as you don't act like one. There's something seriously wrong with the group of women these days who believe that they are entitled to be treated like they're daddy's little girl on that nauseating "My Sweet 16" reality TV show. Any time a girl has told me what they expect ("want" is not an option for this group of self-serving women) for a holiday like they're birthday, I tell them exactly what I expect for my birthday; a Horse Power Freaks Stage 3 Turbo Methanol Kit for my M3 or Aston Martin DBRS9. The likely comment I'd expect from women like that is, "that's stupid", but no more than the idea of a "Push Present". The whole notion of "deserving something extra by birthing a child" seems like it should be a bit offensive and degrading to women! Should us guys also give you a present if they get to have sex with you? If so, there's a name for that occupation! I have a 9 year old autistic son who has enlightened me to things that I could have never known without him. My world has more purpose and meaning because of Ethan. My life is held together because of him. He is an intrinsic blessing to me and anyone else who has the privilege of being a part of his life. It gets me a little riled up to think that some women out there try to marginalize something so grand as the birth of a child by "cashing in" on another opportunity for something materialistic. One of the callers that I heard this morning had it right when he said (paraphrasing), "if your spouse is more interested in gift than a child, then 'run for the hills as fast as you can'." A child is NOT a means to an end, he or she is an end in itself. P.S. Correlation does not imply causality, but upon submitting this post, the reCAPTCHA accompanying this form wants me to type, "the hellhole" as my verification that I am human. Coincidence? P.P.S. For anyone out there questioning my current dating situation, I'm SO IN LOVE with my girlfriend, who would never even think to ask for a "Push Present". However, in this scenario, I would get her one, because she is MY princess and does not act like one! She's the most beautiful, independent, badass, competitive woman I know of that is compassionate, empathetic, caring and thankful for the life and the love that we have together.
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