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Day 917 (03/15/10) "Denied by The Hulk"

The morning started off with me sharing a story that led to us playing the sad hulk music.  While at the Emerald City Comicon this weekend, I got the opportunity to meet The Hulk himself…Lou Ferrigno.  Lou was at Comicon & I was able to shake his hand. …I then asked him to do a quick interview for the video blog, and he shot me down!!!  It was pretty funny…when I shook Lou’s hand…he looked at my hand, and then looked at a sign on his table that said “Pictures -- $30.”   Damn…30 bucks!!!!  Based on all the folks I saw getting pix from him, he must have been making a ton of cash.  I saw BJ at E.C.C.C. very briefly, he was playing magic…I thought it was funny that when I rolled up, the announcer said:  “Next up…BJ vs. Jesus.”

I posted this on Twitter, and sarria22 wrote this too me:

"There BJ goes, always fighting with Jesus"


On Friday, we read a news report about a girl scout in Tacoma that was robbed. She was selling Girl Scout cookies outside a Safeway, when a man took hundreds of dollars from her. On Friday morning we talked to "Snickers" & BJ told her that he was going to stop by where she was selling cookies on Friday afternoon, and give her $999. Here is the video of BJ visiting Snickers!!!

This morning I mentioned that I am doing a cleanse once again...this time I amdoing it with my fiance, it's day 2 of the 9 day cleanse & I am so hungry.  It was so bad that last night I was behind a car that peeled out, and the scent of the burnt rubber made me the point that I wanted to eat the tire.  I have received a few emails regarding what cleanse I am's called Isagenix, and it's a 9 day cleanse...days 1 & 2 you basicilly eat nothing, days 3 to 7 you have shakes and one small meal, and the final 2 days are back to eating has been rough...BJ had a pastry that smelled delicious, and there are tons of Girl Scout cookies lying around the offices. 

Today’s video blog features Intern Annabelle at Emerald City Comicion.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

03/15/2010 7:46AM
Day 917 (03/15/10) "Denied by The Hulk"
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03/15/2010 9:59AM
Steve Bargelt
Stormtrooper was a toolshed! He's wearing incredible full stormtrooper armor and can not explain the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek? And MY GOD Annabelle is hot. How did I not see her there? Damn!
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