STP's BLOG 11/25/14 "View From The 123th Man Flag"

This is pretty cool… Lawyer Milloy raided the 12th Man Flag on Sunday, and the former Seahawk and Husky had a GoPro on his head as he did it. Check out the footage…

Speaking of the Hawks…yesterday we "debuted" the new Marshawn Lynch / Collective Soul mash-up. Now we have a music video for the song…check it out!

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STP's BLOG 11/24/14 "Marshawn - Yeah"

I think this text sums up yesterday's Hawks game…

There was some of last year's magic yesterday. You could feel it. They got the chip back

What an awesome win! And what an awesome post game interview by Marshawn Lynch!

His "Yeah" answers inspired us to create a remix of a classic Collective Soul song…look out Ed Rowland…I think the band has a new lead singer!

Did you see what many are calling the greatest catch in NFL history? Rookie Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants made an insane catch yesterday…check it out:

I call the catch "The Shocker" as he only needed three fingers to catch that ball… waka waka!

Finally… yesterday was the WWE's Survivor Series Pay Per View…and history happened as STING made his way into a WWE ring for the first time EVER. This is huge for us wrasslin' fans. It was a moment I won't forget…I only wish this would have happened closer to Sting's prime, but if last night was any indication…I am excited to see how he is used! This video might be gone by the time you read this blog…but here is the moment last night…

Here is another version of the video…in case the one above is pulled…the quality of this one is not great, but typically videos of people recording off their TV stick around longer!

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STP's BLOG 11/21/14 "# Grandmas vs. Mono Nick"

I'm sure by now you have all seen that video of the three grandmas getting stoned for the first time. If you haven't seen it, you can click HERE to watch it.

Since it was their fiurst time getting stoned…we figured we would conduct a similar experoiment…we had Mono-Nick NOT get stoned for the first time. Enjoy…

A comedian named Lauren O'Brien posted a great video where she impersonates 14 different celebrities…if they were stuck in traffic. The funniest ones are probably Drew Barrymore, The Olsen Twins, Kristen Stewart, and Miley Cyrus.

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STP's BLOG 11/20/14 "Anna Faris & Chris Pratt!"

Today was awesome…we had Anna Faris on the show, as there is a new episode of Mom tonight. Mom is one funny show…somehow they have taken a show about teen pregnancy, being a single mom, alcoholism, and even a gambling addiction…and turned it into a compelling funny show.

Anna is a Edmonds gal…and her husband Chris Pratt is a Lake Stevens guy…so when we started talking about the Seahawks, she handed the phone to him because he wanted to talk Hawks and his dog too! How awesome is that!! I figure since we talked Hawks and pups…I would tweet them a thank you note….

 photo annafarrislulu_zps7cb67821.jpg

Check out this awesome interview HERE!

This is pretty cool. The other day I was talking about wallets, and now I have a wallet that actually doesn't take up a ton of room in my pocket. Plus…it's made from recycled and reused materials. The pictures don't do it justice, but the fact that this is made from recycled stuff is blowing my mind...the quality is top notch and it's a cool looking wallet. Now I need to make some more money so I can fill this bad boy up haha!

 photo torrain1_zpsab03af6b.jpg

 photo torrain2_zps2da4af6e.jpg

Check them out online…it's a Portland based company called Torrain, and they also make some cool looking bags that are made from recycled stuff too: . If you dig the wallet, just CLICK HERE to go right to the page with it.

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I do a podcast? It's called The Mega Cast, and we just posted a new one last night! This week on the Mega Cast -- we give you 30 (push-ups), so we expect the same. Plus we talk about Tosh ripping on ESPN. Push up for days, in? Listen to this week's episode on iTUNES & Stitcher (subscribe too…search The Mega Cast), or listen right HERE!
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STP's BLOG 11/19/14 "Top Pot Donuts"

Huge thanks to Mark Klebeck for swinging by to drop off some Top Pot Donuts. I completely "fan-boyed" out on Mark…why you ask?

Because Mark is the co-founder of Top Pot Donuts…him and his brother created my favorite donuts! There was a point that I actually said to Mark, "Thank you for bringing me so much joy with your food".

 photo toppot_zpse18fdf43.jpg

I have met a lot of awesome celebrities that I am a huge fan of… from Hulk Hogan to John C. Reilly…but I was able to keep it cool with them…but not with Mark…I was a total fan boy!

Thanks to former KISW personality, Cathy Faulkner, for sending Mark our way. They are buds…so Mark swung by not only with the donuts, but with an awesome note from Cathy that featured the KISW Duck!

 photo toppot2_zps67aa0a95.jpg
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STP's BLOG 11/18/14 "Forget Bitcoin...use GUM!"

This past weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars were on their Bye Week, and starting cornerback Dwayne Gratz spent his time off getting wasted! How wasted? To the point that he thought gum was currency! Yes, THAT wasted!

Gratz was arrested at 5:53 A.M. in Miami Beach on Sunday morning for disorderly intoxication and trespassing. He was so drunk that he tried to use BUBBLE GUM to purchase items from a store after realizing that he was out of cash. When it didn't work, he argued with an employees, and refused to leave until the cops came and arrested him.

This led to a fun topic…

"Drunk or sober…I can't believe I tried to do (BLANK)."

Hot Kyle shared a great video, as he said that he couldn't believe that he witnessed his friend chug a 6 beer Das Boot in 15 seconds…check it out:

Here are some of the texts we got on the topic…

Drunk as hell pounded on all the neighbors' doors wearing Little Bo Peep underwear and stockings singing I'm bringing sexy back

I once tried to steal a bus in college

Tried to order drinks at Aladdin's Gyros in Fremont & started a huge argument because they wouldn't serve me

I got exorbitantly drunk while fishing at a lake in a state park, urinated into the lake while people paddled by in canoes, and I tried to call my friend and get him to bring me a gun so I could shoot the fish because I was mad that they weren't biting my hook

I once tried to brew a pot of coffee with vodka instead of water. I figured they were about the same consistency so it should work. Little did I know it ruined the machine.

Stoned out of my mind, tried to come onto my mother in law. Then was SO paranoid that my wife knew when she got home from work. She didn't...but I was high.
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STP's BLOG 11/17/14 "Desert Sounds!"

I know I have been raving about the Foo Fighters show on HBO called Sonic Highways. Every episode the band visits a different city to absorb their musical culture and then record a song based on that experience, and the last episode was easily my favorite.

The episode is based in LA, where they cover the LA punk scene (hell even Duff McKagan makes an appearance)…but the best part of this episode is when they focused on a scene that developed outside of LA in the Palm Desert area…mainly stemming from the Rancho de la Luna recording studio. This was a fascinating segment…here is the trailer for the episode…

One of the big bands to come out of that "Desert" scene is Queens Of The Stone Age…which was a band that came from the ashes of the stoner rock band Kyuss. One of the guys that runs the studio, Rancho de la Luna, is Dave Catching. While watching it, it brought me back to the time that I met Dave…along with the early version of Queens Of The Stone Age: front man Josh Homme, drummer Alfredo Hernández, bassist Nick Oliveri, and guitarist/keyboardist Dave Catching.

 photo qotsastp_zps182b4496.jpg

I'll never forget getting to hang with these guys the night before they joined me in the morning back when I worked at The End. We met up the night before to lad in their gear…and set up the audio for their morning show appearance. I have been on an ongoing quest to find that audio of their performance on air…if anyone has the audio…PLEASE email me at, I would love a copy of that!

Ok…back to the Foo Fighters…Here is the full song featured in this week's episode…which features JOE WALSH on the guitar solo, and was recorded at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, CA.

When we interviewed Dave Grohl on the Mega Cast (a new podcast that Thee Ted Smith and I are doing), I asked Dave to pick one song off the new CD for us to play…and he picked "Outside" – if you haven't heard our interview/podcast…please check it out! You can find The Mega Cast on iTUNES or Stitcher…or just click HERE for the Dave Grohl episode.
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STP's BLOG 11/14/14 "Beast Mode on The League"

Did you catch Marshawn Lynch on The League on Wednesday? Beast Mode was awesome on the show…

I learned a fun fact…the creator of The League, Jeff Schaffer, is a fan of the Seahawks. Lets hope we are all celebrating Sunday morning as the Hawks head to K.C. to play the Chiefs… Go Hawks!
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STP's BLOG 11/13/14 "Andrew WK -- Heavy Metal Motivator!"

Boy oh boy do we have it rough at Entercom Radio in Seattle. Came in the morning to find out our email is down….

Yesterday I came across something that was packed in a box when I moved to Puyallup around 5 years ago. It's an autograph from Andrew WK…and I usually don't ask anyone for autographs (I like getting a pic way more), but I got one from him…and in the history of autographs, there is none better! Check it out…

 photo andrewwk_zps52f28626.jpg

Looking at the date, I can't believe that it's almost exactly 12 years ago that he signed that. Damn…it's been that long since his amazing record came out! Still to this day…I jam out to his records, "I Get Wet", and "The Wolf".

There might be a couple people reading this that have no clue who Andrew WK is… here is his biggest hit (it might sound familiar as its used in an Android commercial).

I always viewed Andrew as a heavy metal motivational speaker… hell, his autograph alone feels like a "Ted Talks"…but there is a song off his second record that briongs me back to yesterday's blog about how music can help you through anything… this one is a great example of that for me… check out "Never Let Down":

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STP's BLOG 11/12/14 "Music Rules."

Yesterday I was watching the Concert For Valor on HBO…and I was blown away by how great of a tribute it was to our Veterans. The video pieces that were made about those that put their lives on the line for our country were very humbling…and the music…the music…I really can't express how impressed I was.

It didn't matter which artist was up there…from Dave Grohl to Carrie Underwood to The Black Keys to Rihanna to Metallica and many more…they all brought a level of passion to their performance that I thought was very cool.

That's when I was reminded of something that I already knew, but appreciated the reminder…how damn awesome music is.

I know that is a no brainer for many of us, but think about it. No matter what genre you like…think about the power of music. No matter what kind of day you are having….music can turn that day around and put you in a better mood. At least that's what it does for me! Yesterday was an example of that…seeing the look on those that are currently or formerly served in the military left me speechless. The ultimate example of that was Metallica's performance. I always loved Metallica, but they took it to another level yesterday.

As they performed…behind them, sharing the stage with them, was Veterans, active military, and their families jamming out with them. I had goose bumps every time you saw all of them rocking out…here is the full performance:

10 minutes before the show this morning…I experienced another example of why I love music, and its effect on people…and I blame Garth Brooks for making me cry moments before the show. Damn you Garth…damn you! Garth just got himself a new fan (probably many new fans) for what he did during a recent concert. He was playing a show when a fan held up a sign that read, "Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance", while he played the song, "The Dance". Garth noticed it…as did everyone that was there since the sign was shown on the jumbo-screen that was the back drop for his stage set up…and Garth had an usher bring her to the front…he then sat on the stage…sang the song to her…hugged her…and gave her his guitar! Just watch the video…as there is even more amazing moments…but be warned… someone might start "cutting onions" in the room as you watch it!

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STP's BLOG 11/11/14 "Dave Grohl Rules!"

Huge thanks to Dave Grohl for joining us! Yesterday afternoon, Dave was available for an interview to chat about the Foo Fighters new CD, "Sonic Highways", so Thee Ted Smith and I jumped into the studio and recorded another episode of The Mega Cast! You can get the Mega Cast on iTUNES (search The Mega Cast) or listen to this week's episode with Dave Grohl right HERE.

Since it's "Throwback Tuesday" – I figured this picture is the perfect pic to share.

 photo davegrohlstp_zps8d2225be.jpg

Once again Seahawks punter Jon Ryan wins the internet. If you recall a few weeks ago…Jon had this to say about the Hawks new mascot, Boom….

 photo jonryan_zps69dfab3a.jpg

Yesterday…Jon continued to wage war against the Hawks mascots when he posted this tweet…
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STP's BLOG 11/10/14 "Laser Weekend"

What an incredible weekend! HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to our Laser Tag Podcast Party for the STP-CAST & Thee Podcast! We all had a great time shooting lasers and drinking beers at Virtual Sports in Tukwila!

 photo laser1_zpsff207095.jpg

 photo laser2_zps64bfddd8.jpg

 photo laser3_zpsbbb6cf2d.jpg

You seriously have to check out Virtual Sports…I can't even put into words how awesome that place is…it takes the laser tag experience to the next level. Check them out at , and big thanks to Brian and John from Virtual Sports for the hospitality!

Thanks to a fine STP-CAST listener, MIke The Bearded Brewer for posting this video of me playing a virtual video game… it was a game made by a local company… VRCade…check them out at:

That game was super trippy…once you put the visor and headphones on, you are fully immersed in that world…it was awesome.

Ted even tried it out, and I of course had to take a "selfie" (yes I puke in my own mouth anytime I use the word "selfie"):

 photo lazer4_zpsf36bb734.jpg

After the party, Thee Ted Smith, our bud Cobb (from Thee Podcast), and I grabbed some dinner at the Rainforest Café…and when you are at the Rainforest Café…you have to get a fancy drink that lights up!

 photo rain1_zps44e6fed0.jpg

While we were at the Rainforest Café…we were watching the Utah vs. Oregon game…did you see what that dude from Utah did? He had a Touchdown, but in an effort to be "nonchalant" in his end zone celebration…he dropped the ball before he crossed into the end zone! Dummy. They he goes off to celebrate…pointing his thumbs at his last name (clearly to let you know which dummy just cost his team 7 points)…and a guy from Oregon picks up the ball and runs it back for a TD! Check it out:

On Friday I went to my buddy Brent Amaker's show with his band, Android Amaker. Wow. All I can say is wow. The show was amazing…this was their first (and last) show at Neumos, and I couldn't be more proud of Brent…he put a lot of time, energy, and money into this show…and it showed!

 photo amaker1_zps155b3fd0.jpg

After the show I ran into my bud Damon Conklin, who owns Super Genius Tattoo in Capitol Hill. He showed me his new location (which is right next door to Neumos) which is very cool…and I got to check out some of the incredible artwork that he does…

 photo amaker2_zps2725043e.jpg

 photo amaker3_zps29221da2.jpg
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STP's BLOG 11/07/14 "Laser Tag...TOMORROW!"

Don't forget…tomorrow (Saturday 11/8) is the big day…

Yes, we take over Virtual Sports in Tukwila for the first ever STP-CAST / Thee Podcast party! We will be there starting at 2 pm…check out their website, .
The gang at Virtual Sports has blocked off the 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 time slots for all of us…and they lowered the price of the games to $15 for us during those times.

If you are able to… pre-register online -- that will guarantee you a slot and save you time checking in. Accounts can be made and reservations can be made HERE!

Happy Birthday to The Prodigy – BJ's son does web stuff for our show, and has been a welcome addition this past year. Plus he shares his birthday with a talented actress that has been in 159 fine films, including "Viagra Falls 2"… it's Lily Thai's 33rd birthday!

Foo Fighters just released another song…and yes, it's another song that I have instantly fallen in love with. Check it out:

I can't wait to watch tonight's episode of HBO's Sonic Highways…as the Foo Fighters set up "shop" in Austin Texas!

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STP's BLOG 11/06/14 "Getting MEGA with Ted!"

Not sure if you are following The MegaCast on Twitter…chances are that you aren't…so please do -- @TheMegaCast!

The MegaCast is a podcast that Thee Ted Smith and I just started doing, and last night we sent this tweet out:

 photo megatweet_zpsb500fedc.jpg

Yup…episode #2 is up…please listen…tell your friends about it, and all that fun stuff. Our podcast will even help you burn a few calories…how so? Listen HERE! You can also subscribe on iTUNES…just search The Mega Cast to find us!

Tomorrow night if you are looking for a show to go to…and you are a fan of lasers, futuristic music that has a country-esque vibe…you should head to Neumo's to see Android Amaker. They are playing only one show (ever) for their debut record. The Rev, Mono-Nick, and I are all going to see the show…and my buddy Brent Amaker swung by yesterday to give us some "Android Amaker Blend" coffee from Caffe Vita!

 photo androidamaker_zpsb1f5ce5c.jpg

Get your tix to the show HERE, and if you are curious to what Android Amaker sounds like…check em' out!

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STP's BLOG 11/05/14 "Play Laser Tag With Us!

Not sure if you listen to the STP-CAST or Thee Ted Smith's podcast, Thee Podcast…but we are having a gathering on Saturday that everyone is invited to. We will be shooting lasers at a new laser tag place called Virtual Sports in Tukwila. This place looks awesome… check it out at .

We will be there this Saturday (11/8) at 2 pm playing Laser Tag and hanging at the bar. The gang at Virtual Sports has blocked off the 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 time slots for all of us…and they lowered the price of the games to $15 for us during those times.

You don't have to, but it's highly recommended that you pre-register online -- that will guarantee you a slot and save you time checking in. Accounts can be made and reservations can be made HERE!

Hope to see you there!

Yesterday, Toppy, BJ, and I made a trip to Factoria to eat at The Keg Steakhouse! In the past I shared a story about how I used to always tell the waiter it was my first time eating there, because they would welcome you to their fine establishment by giving you a free Shrimp Cocktail appetizer. So we all went there to see if they still do that…

Huge props to our buds in The Last Internationale…today they unveiled their new music video for their song "Wanted Man"…and it's AWESOME!

It still brings me great joy that we were able to get them in studio on the STP-CAST about a month ago…

 photo 76C9BA14-10CD-48F0-93E2-040D54BFA67E_zpsqzizgirh.jpg

Hell, they even performed that song acoustic:

Finally…for those of you remember when I posted a blog about my love for Battram Goalie Gear… click HERE to read my blog….my gear came yesterday, and it looks even better in person than I would have expected! I can't wait to bust these out on the ice!

 photo pads1_zps842045c9.jpg

Even Lulu was digging the gear!

 photo pads2_zps26562c61.jpg
She even helped me break in the glove!

 photo pads4_zps09a1c0c4.jpg

And of course I had to try them on!!

 photo pads3_zps54aa3d12.jpg
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STP's BLOG 11/04/14 "Election Day"

It's Election Day…don't worry, I am not going to spew my opinions on anything political. I typically hate this time of the year, as everyone on Facebook is going to present to the "facts" on why you should vote one way or the other – but it has to be true, it was on the internet after all!

The one thing that I do love about this time is the beyond ridiculous campaign ads. You know the ones I am talking about…where someone will target their opponent and say "Don't vote for him…he hates puppies and babies", or something like that!

I came across what might be the five worst campaign ads of the year.

1. A conservative candidate in Iowa named Bob Quast talked about the second amendment, and he promised that if someone ever tried to break into his house, he'd use his Glock to "blow [their] BALLS OFF."

2. A Republican in Iowa Joni Ernst put out an ad earlier this year, bragging about how she grew up on a farm CASTRATING HOGS.

3. A guy in Ohio named J.D. Winteregg went after John Boehner and talked about "ELECTILE dysfunction". The whole thing was done like a Viagra ad.

4. A Democrat named Estakio Beltran put out an ad here in Washington state where he shot a piñata shaped like an elephant, then rode off on a donkey.

5. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, put out an ad where he made it look like his Democratic opponent was singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen", but with different lyrics.

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STP's BLOG 11/03/14 "MPHS Strong!"

Props to the Seahawks for showing support to all those affected by the shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School… once again another example why the Super Bowl Champs are a collective class act!


A photo posted by Seattle Seahawks (@seahawks) on

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with all the kids going back to school today. Please wear red & white today as a way to show support!

 photo mphs_zps56011694.jpg

On Saturday, a Weather Channel reporter named Mike Seidel was on "NBC Nightly News", reporting on all the snow they got over the weekend in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. When they cut to him, it looked like he was in the middle of "draining the lizard". His back was to the camera, and he appeared to zip up before he turned around.

"Why?" – that is the best moment! According to NBC, they say it wasn't what it looked like. Their take on the events: He was searching for his phone, because he dropped it in the snow.

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