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Day 930 (04/02/10) "April Fools Recap"

Somebody took the audio of Vicky Barcelona saying "Take of your shirt" in yesterdays video blog & turned it into a song. Big thanks to "POLYMORPHLEGION" for making this!

This morning Toppy talked about how he was duped by a Facebook April Fools Prank. A girl he knows put a facebook status update that said she was pregnant...and in the thread she also said she was getting an abortion. Toppy thought it was odd that there were people that "Liked" her post, so Toppy wrote that he thought it was odd that people clicked on the "Like" button for this. Apparently people then started goofing on Toppy & telling him he is dumb, and then "cyber high fived" each other. We all thought that it's dumb to prank people about stuff that could really "Eff" with their head...stuff like pregnancy, dying, or having cancer or something like that. it's not funny, it's dumb & lacks creativity. So we wound up talking about April Fools jokes…props to Google & Starbucks as both of them had a good prank…Google changed their name to Topeka (as Topeka Kansas changed their name to google for some reason), and Starbucks added a new sized cup…so in addition to Venti, Grande, and Tall…they introduced the Plenta. The Plenta is like the size of a KFC Bucket. Big Lo (Seattle’s Biggest Sports Fan) had a great Facebook prank…he said the Hawks made a big trade to get Ben Roethlesberger

  • Cody – Did an “Upper Decker” (dropped a #2 in the top part of the toilet) in her ex girlfriends bathroom yesterday.

  • Shawn – Fired his co-worker

  • Canuck Curt – Screwed with a co-worker, told him that his on-line pinball machine would work better if he tilted his computer moniter…the guy told him this morning that it worked.

  • Regine – Her son pranked her saying she was going be a grandma.

  • Jonathan – His co-worker pulled a prank on his boss…he tin-foiled the entire office!!! Here is a pic that he sent us:


  • Cory – Wrapped a truck in Saran Wrap:


Huge thanks to comedian Chris Porter for joining us this morning. Chris is at The Parlor Live this weekend, and he is HILARIOUS!!!!

Big thanks to Dave Ross from KIRO radio for calling in this morning. dave is a true radio great in this town, and we had him on to talk about something real cool that he started...a quest to save the 4th of July Fireworks show. Yesterday we reported that the 4th Of July Lake Union show was going to be canceled this year because they couldn't get a sponsor to pony up the $500,000. Well Dave was talking about this on his show yesterday, and Chef Tom Douglas came on his show to donate $5000, and then Dave donated $1000 as thing you know, something really cool happened...a bunch of businesses started donating money. Star Bucks & Microsoft donated $125,000 dolars, and businesses like Vulcan, Nordstrom, and others stepped up as far they have over $460,000!!!!! They need the money asap, so I hope they make it happen.

Today’s Video Blog features Chris Porter.

Here is the same VLOG for you IPHONE people:

Here is that performance of the song he just teased, from the last time Chris was at the Parlor Live:

Last week, if you read my blog you saw a video of me learning about Starbucks...well I continue to get schooled on the different types of blends, here is the latest installment of me hanging with Mikey from Starbucks!

04/02/2010 6:31AM
Day 930 (04/02/10) "April Fools Recap"
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