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Day 936 (04/12/10) "Opening Day Party"

Today we broadcasted live from Elysian Fields for our Opening Day Party; hopefully the M’s can turn it around & start winning some games. The broadcast was a blast…thanks to Kasey Keller of the Sounders FC for joining us there, as well as Rock Girls Krystal & Christy!!!

So Mono-Nick was bummed because he came up witht he Top 5 Fantasy Baseball tips, but we got so bored by his list that we stopped him after his first wasn't that the info wasn't helpful to a fantasy baseball player...he's just didn't deliver it in an exciting manner...shocking that Mono-Nick wasn't full of enthusiasm huh?  For those that do are his tips:


1.     Draft pitchers from the National League

You want a solid 1 -2 punch at the top of your rotation.  If you can get a third starting pitcher that has the potential to get you 200 plus strike outs, you may want to grab him and use him as trade bait later.

Starting Pitchers in the NL are key because they don’t face a designated hitter 3 or 4 times a game, instead they face a pitcher which also gives them a better chance at higher K’s per 9 innings.  This also helps them with their ERA and WHIP percentage  (Earned Run Average and Walks + Hits Per Inning)

You want closers from the National League as well.  They have higher chances of getting                  saves since there are so many pitching changes in the NL. 

2.     Draft with Position Scarcity in mind.

For example, Catcher, Second Base, Shortstop and Third Base all have very few ELITE players at their positions, so you want to take them early while there is still depth at other positions.

Elite Players at these positions.

Catcher – Joe Mauer, Victor Martinez, Brian McCann

2B – Chase Utley, Dustin Pedroia, Ben Zobrist, Brandon Phillips, Robinson Cano

SS – Hanley Ramirez, Troy Tulowitski, Jimmy Rollins, Derek Jeter, Ben Zobrist

3B – Evan Longoria, A-Rod, David Wright, Pablo Sandavol, Kevin Youkilis

3.     Draft your Outfield Wisely

The outfield position is not as deep with ELITE players as you may think.  So if  you can, try and grab one or two that has the potential to fill 4 or 5 categories early if you are not going after the scarcity positions right away.

Outfielders you want to grab early on if you can – Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun, Carl Crawford, Curtis Granderson, Justin Upton – All young, have the potential to hit for average, power and drive in runs along with stealing bases and hitting for power.

4.     Draft for FUN!

Most people play fantasy baseball for fun, so keep that in mind.  One way I like to have fun is to grab a nice young budding star like Jayson Heyward (The Kraken)  from the Braves or Pablo Sandoval (Kung Fu Panda) from the Giants. 

They both can hit the cover off the and are fun to watch since they are so young and still learning to play at the MLB level. 

I also have fun by taking players, I know other managers are going to overvalue and thus over pay me for them in a trade.


Felix is one of the best pitchers available in the game and will be gone by round three, I don’t like him in the first two rounds since he is in the AL and pitches for the M’s.  I’d rather take Halladay or Wainwright after Felix is off the board, since they both pitch for perennial contenders (Phillies and Cardinals)

Franklin will most likely still be available in the late rounds (20th round or later) so he is a good guy to pick up and use for spot starts.  He is 27 years old, which is the start of an MLB players journey into their PRIME YEARS (27-32) so he has a lot of upside. 

He hits for average and still developing power.  He also is still learning to use his speed on the basebaths.  Look for him to steal 25+ bags this year, especially with Ichiro and Figgins running so much.

Props to the band QUICKIE for writing a song, and making a video that pays tribute to a great Northwest staple in the community….no, not the Mariners or the Space Needle…The Bikini Barista! Check it out!!!!!

Today’s Video Blog features some of the highlights from this morning’s broadcast:

Here is the same log for you iPHONE people:

So I have a new video of me hanging with Mikey the Coffee Master from Starbucks….check it out!

04/12/2010 9:35AM
Day 936 (04/12/10) "Opening Day Party"
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