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Daydreaming 4/3/13

    What a nice day today outside, the sun is shining and its warmer out for sure. So on a sunny day like today there are a ton of things to do and sometimes I wonder if people are out there doing fun stuff. I got to thinking if I was off today what would I do. I have a buddy that lives on Lake Union so maybe I would just go to his house and chill out. Maybe it would be a fun day to go on a hike. If I was going on this hike where would I go and who would go with me, well the sun would be my friend on this fun adventure. Maybe I would go on a long bike ride but then again I do not own a bike. Can you rent bikes for the day? I could walk down to the water and sit on some rocks because when down at the water where else are you going to sit besides some rocks. It also makes it feel more like you are out there in the wild when you sit on some rocks. I like discovery park a lot up in Magnolia and they have some great rocks man. You can sit on rocks and skip rocks on the same beach. Deception pass is a park I like a lot as well which has some rocks. If you can't tell by this post my mind is clearly daydreaming a bit and I really want to go to a beach and sit on some rocks and maybe a few pop's. So like me I am sure you are at work today so on the way roll those windows down and soak it up everyone because it will be raining again soon. 

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04/03/2013 2:04PM
Daydreaming 4/3/13
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