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Deadliest Catch 4/12/11

    What up blogger? So today is a nice day out. It's still a little cold for me taste this time of year but hey it ant raining and the sun is out for the most part. Hey while I am thinking about it don't forget to do your taxes since tax day is coming up. I only remind becuse i just did mine today. Anyhow let me get to the point of this blog which is to talk about Deadliest catch. Now over the weekend I got to go to catch con which was cool. I met most of the captains and a lot of the guys from the crew's. Its funny that most of them are real guys that are fisherman and now they are tv stars as well. The thing that I think makes the show sucessfull is the relationship's between the people. On a crab boat its a little more up in your face but lets be honset we all have issues with co-works and bosses. In this case they are all stuck on a boat together for a while and the workplace invloves a constant fear of death. That last part is what really sperates them from us. It's also impressive to watch the waves and the ice that builds up on the boat. I can tell you this, as much as I like the show I would not do that job. It is a differnt type to do that. I would be remised if I did not mention Edger hansen. Sig is his brother and the captain but it seems like Edger was really done with the whole thing last year. Who knows but we will find out tonight at 9pm on Discovery.

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04/12/2011 9:31AM
Deadliest Catch 4/12/11
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