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Deadliest Catch 5/23/13

    I was watching the deadliest catch this morning, the latest one from Tuesday. I was kind of surprised that Sig let Edger actually drive the Northwestern and be the captain for the blue crab season. Now this was a big step as Edger has been trying to get to be the captain for a while and the boat is a family boat so I agree that both Hansen boy's should get a shot at being the captain. The issue is that another guy on the boat has been working hard as well to get a chance to run that boat and that guy is Jake Anderson. So on this episode Jake got upset and punched another guy on the boat when the real issue to me is just he needs to talk with Edger and realize that the guys with the family name are going to get first dibs. I think Jake has put in the work to get to be a captain of another boat but then again does he want to leave the Northwestern and TV. Those are my thoughts on the drama on the show but something else has happened over the years and that if you watch this show enough you start to care what happens to the guys. Now up here watching the show is a little different as a lot of the guys live around here but people all over the world love that show and care about those dudes. The other crazy thing is always that when I watch that show and even though they are still alive when being caught, I want to eat Crabs after watching the show. I really like crabs as if and grew up on smaller Maryland Blue crabs but I like them all and want a huge pile of them watching the show. I would and have mixed both my Maryland crab pride with Alaskan crab as I eat the crabs out here with Old Bay and apple cider vinegar 

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05/23/2013 2:28PM
Deadliest Catch 5/23/13
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