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Don't understand 6/4/13

    I for my job post often of Facebook and I will often post pictures of girls I deem hot because as a guy I like to look at hot girls. Now the thing that blows me away every time is that I post a picture other girls have to talk crap about the girls right away. I don't post pictures of myself shirtless because I don't have the body for it but I don't get mad if another guy has a six pack. Good for him he worked harder than I did to get it. Also guys are not as dumb as some people would have you believe. I realize that a lot of these girls I post have fake boobs and yes I realize that they are not interested in me but I still want to look and post pictures of hot chicks because hot chicks are great to look at. I know a lot of women that went to see Magic Mike but the difference is after they saw the movie I did not point out that most men don't look like that because they know they went to a movie and it's fantasy. That's what bugs me the most is why everyone things that guys are so dumb and why cut down on other women. Yesterday I posted about talking to hot chicks all day on Saturday and someone said "Since they are hot, that makes them whores you think" NO NO NO, not at all really. I like to talk to girls and most of the time I know it's going no where but I still want to chat them up. When you leave nasty comments about girls as a girl on Facebook everyone can you too and they can see your insecurities through your words. I guess in the end maybe I don't understand women but I tell you one thing I understand being mean for no reason which is the way it comes off. 

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06/04/2013 3:18PM
Don't understand 6/4/13
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