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Drugs and hoops 1/26/12

    Wow great moon out tonight right now. So last night I went home and had some fun. Now your probably wondering like hey Ted what kind of fun did you have so I will not lie it was a lot of hookers and drugs and Charlie Sheen was there. Ok none of that is true. I really went home and fired up the grill and cooked some chicken breast and some broccoli. A little olive oil and season to taste on that broccoli and then you grill it. It is awesome so trust me on that. So after I fired up the grill and got that going I decided to settle into a college basketball game. I was watching the Maryland VS Duke game. I hate Duke.


    So after I got over how upset I was losing to Duke once again (losing to Duke is like losing to Portscum for my SSFC brothers) I watched a show on national Geographic Channel called Drugs Inc. This one happen to be about hallucinogens and the effects certain ones have on people. When I think about drugs like acid and magic mushrooms I think of hippies in the woods seeing stuff but i was blown away how some of them were really helping people with serious problems. One guy had these unreal cluster headaches so he would take mushrooms once every two months and now he is cluster free. Drugs are a crazy world sometimes because some that can really help they will make legal since they cant turn a profit on them. That statement makes me thing maybe Method Man was right years ago. Cash moves everything around me. CREAM


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01/26/2012 7:45PM
Drugs and hoops 1/26/12
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