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Easter 3/28/13

    Easter weekend is here well not totally as it is on Sunday and not today. My point being is that even though I am not very religious these days Easter is still a good time to get together with family and friends. Now my family all lives back east in the DC area but I have a lot of friends out here and one of them is STP from the morning show here at work. Steve and I are good friends and have been for years. He has met and even spent a Easter with my Mom when she was out one year and I was lucky enough to be in his wedding. Now this year things have changed and I am embarking on a trip to Spokane with Steve and his hockey team the Tacoma Donkey's. I can't even explain how fired up I am to part of this trip. The Donkey's have even asked me to stand in a coach behind the bench. Now I hear you asking yourself do you know anything about hockey Ted? No I really don't know a ton but I know about pregame speeches and that's what I am bringing to the table. The plan is to, well I don't think there is a plan other than many beers and a very impassioned speech by me. Maybe I throw down some Irish whiskey so I can work up a tear or two for effect. I should also watch some hockey speeches to get ready tonight. So this weekend while I am out with Steve and the Donkey's having fun and coaching make sure to hang out with some people you like as well. Like I said Easter is not like it used to be as kid for me but still a great excuse to get together with some people you care about and eat some good food. Enjoy the weekend and you know we will.  

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03/28/2013 6:33PM
Easter 3/28/13
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