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End of the world 5/18/11

    What up blogger? So I don't know if you have heard but a lot of people are talking about how the end of the world is coming on Saturday the 21st. Now I belive this is coming from a christin group but I hear all types of differnt people talking about it. Now me I don't buy into any of the end of the world stuff. Not 2012 and the myans eithier. I mean damn if they knew when the world was going to end then why ant they around? So I was thiking today what if the world did end on Saturday what would I do. Well first off I would hope it did not end till after 7pm since I will be at a Sounders game. I think maybe that a sporting event is a place for me to die at. I love going to sports games and the pre-game fun. Tailgateing is a passion of mine, from maning the grill to chugging beers to domanting games like flip cup and cornhole. So if the world has to end then I say at least it is ending on a day that will make me happy. In a perfect world it would be a day with college football and a Sounders match

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05/18/2011 8:51AM
End of the world 5/18/11
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