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Experince 3/26/13

    How much would you pay for a great experience? How far would you travel? How do you know it is going to be great? Last week I bought some tickets to a show that were way too expensive but I thought the hell with it I really want to that show. I was talking with Miles in the office and he made a good point that some times the experience is worth it. Last summer my buddy and I went to Las Vegas for a UFC. It was a title fight with Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen 2. It was a great night but it was super expensive and we were not even close to the cage. Now my point about Vegas is that we had a blast and while I would pay for it again I do not regret doing once. See the thing is that we had a blast and had so much fun that it is all worth it. Sometimes the experience is priceless or maybe I am just trying to feel better about the money I spent last week. I also go to some things that I have the most fun at that are cheap and involve no money what so ever. To sum it, it is what I often talk about in these blogs which is go out and have some fun and try new things. Also it might not be about going to a show or to a event it might be as simple as you don't want to miss that time your kid got that hat trick. Live on people 

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03/26/2013 6:25PM
Experince 3/26/13
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