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Fake Thanksgiving's 11/22/13

    Next week is Thanksgiving and we all know that but do you know about the new annoying trend people are doing? This trend is having friends over for a Thanksgiving dinner before Thanksgiving. Now Ryan Castle did one of these a month ago and it sound like fun and it was a month before Thanksgiving so I am cool with that but I have tow parties this weekend that are both fake Thanksgiving. See here is my problem is that Thanksgiving is a day to eat too much and be around family and friends but I don't really want to eat that meal twice in a week. Also in the end your not really giving my a option to skip the one with family your just adding another holiday in the mix. If you want to do some other time of year or in a January ok but the weekend before Thanksgiving I have to eat the whole with you too. This is insanity if you ask me and hey just throw a party or get together and I will come by to drink. Also at the end of the day it is a house party and I love a house party, been to hundreds of them but don't try to sell me on how this is so much different than Thanksgiving. It is people eating too much around a table right? Sure sounds likes Thanksgiving to me and no I don't want to go to your joint shower either, those are for chicks

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11/22/2013 2:21PM
Fake Thanksgiving's 11/22/13
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12/01/2013 10:16AM
No kidding
Ted Im glad you brought up the fake thanksgiving. I think it's a bit over kill. I've been to one this year because I have a lot of friends and family and cannot be at all of them of thanksgiving day. I agree its a bit to much but you can't eat turkey twice in one week come on man. As we speak I'm eating a turkey sandwich, YUM! respectfully -TROPE
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