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Fake Values 4/8/14

    Today a big story going around is about a man named Vance McAllister, who is a congressman in Louisiana which is why you might not know his name. So he got caught kissing one of his staff members. People on both sides of the isle get caught cheating and that happens with men in powerful positions.  The reason that I am even bringing this up is because the guy ran on the platform of family and Christian values. His big supporters were some of the guys from Duck Dynasty, those are the guys who hide behind the bible to promote hate speech on gays. This stuff just drives me crazy because they are so full of BS. I get that people all people are human and make mistakes but to sit there and go on and on about values then cheat is wrong. These are the people that are a threat to marriage not gay people. To make matters worse the girl who he got caught with is not just on his staff but also a family friend of his and now he is asking for forgiveness.  I will forgive people like this guy when he is finally honest with himself and everyone else. Here is the deal too with these kind of people is that they don't truly believe what they preach because if they did they would scared of the hell they will be in in their afterlife. I drink and I curse and I say things people don't like but hey you know where I stand and am honest about it. Stop being so fake and doing things for money that go against your book anyhow. Life has a way of evening out things just remember that    

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04/08/2014 3:06PM
Fake Values 4/8/14
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