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Family Guy 6/4/10

    What up blogger? So how ya been?  First off theis week in this blog I want to brag about how great I am. If you read my last blog post I correctly called the winner of the Rashard Even vs Rampage fight. So I am feeling pretty smart right now. I should also mention this is one of the only fights I ever get right. I love watching MMA and Boxing but it's clear that I don't know that much since usally I get these fights wrong. Anyhow now on to this blog, I have always liked Family guy but did not watch it all the time. Now latly I have been dvring them and I think i love this show again. South Park and I go off and on like a annoying couple but Family guy is here to stay in my life I think. That show always put me in a good mood.

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06/04/2010 9:36AM
Family Guy 6/4/10
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