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Fans 6/7/12

    Last night I was watching the western conference finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs and saw the Thunder win. Now I know this is tough since OKC is the team that the stole the Sonics away from Seattle. Now I completely get why some Seattle people want nothing to do with OKC winning but its hard not to like the Thunder. I will say that watching Clay Bennett hold up the trophy did suck. I don't think though you can hate the people in OKC since they are just cheering for their team. In my mind it has nothing to do with the fans in either city. Seattle has some of the best fans I have ever been around. Starting with our fans here at KISW but the 12th man and the Sounders FC fans are awesome as well. Don't worry I did not forget about you Huskies and Cougs who are great also. Side note I am going to my first Wash St. game in September and am very fired up. Back to the point of this blog is that I get why Seattle people do not want OKC to win but I don't think saying their fans are worse than Seattle does anything. Both towns have great support and unfortunately for Sonics fan's your mayor and a certain coffee guy cared more about business and money than keeping the Sonics in town. Its not your fault as fans. Seattle fans always were there for the Sonics

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06/07/2012 2:10PM
Fans 6/7/12
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