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Fantasia 1/29/10

    What up blogger? So sometimes in life you make a decision and you stick with it right. Well not this time my freinds, I have contended that for the last few years I did not like all the stupit relality shows on. I mean damn everyone got one these day's. Now I have to say that I was wrong on all counts. I really like Fantasia's show. If you don't remember her she won American Idol a few years ago and has not done much since then. Well now she has a show and it is un-real. Her brother is awesome at life. When I say that it is because her brother sucks at life but hey it's funny to watch him not know what is going on and getting all pissy about things. He is to the getto what the Jersey shore is to normal people in that state. As big of D-bags that the Jersey shore people are her brother trumps them. If you want a good laugh watch this show.

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01/29/2010 3:14PM
Fantasia 1/29/10
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02/04/2010 8:36AM
Hey Ted, You need to check out the Inbetweeners on BBC America. Hilarious show. Think of Superbad, British style. It's about a bunch of guys and in their last year of High School (Whatever Englands Equivalent is..), and their antics. Here's a link to a funny clip on YouTube: Tons more clips on Youtube. Spread the word.
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