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Fed Up 5/16/14

    So this weekend I am going to see a movie called Fed Up. This is a documentary about how much added sugar is in our food. To be honest I think part of the movie is a lot of what we eat is not really food. Now as a fat guy I very interested in this movie and finding out what is really going on with our food. Part of the movie talks bout how the sugar industries have hooked us on sugar like a drug and maybe we have gone about treating obesity the wrong way. What if it was not as simple as fat people have poor self control and no will to change. We will bad for addicts on drugs or booze but seem to pick on fat people who might in the end just be as addicted to sugar as others are to drugs. Katie Couric is part of the movie and it is interesting to me someone like her has taken a stand and gone against some companies. I will say last year in our very own state we had legislation on the ballot to label food containing GMO's and out of state money paid a ton to fight it. Why would they not want you to know what's in the food? Say that line out loud and see if it makes sense to you. I do like going to see documentaries because they are a great look into stuff but often they make me mad. I have a feeling I am going to be real upset after this one.

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05/16/2014 4:39PM
Fed Up 5/16/14
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