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Memorial Day 5/23/14

    So this weekend is Memorial day and this is a day to remember the fallen men and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Now you will hear a ton of stories and remembrance about a lot of people but I want to tell you about my buddy Brendan Looney. Looney and I went to high school together at DeMatha Catholic high school right outside DC. Brendan was a leader in high school and proved it time and time again and when he went to the Navy Academy and became a Navy Seal, I was not shocked. Today though I don't want to tell you about how he was a great leader and Seal, I want to tell how cool Looney was. He was one of us and at no point did he ever think he was above others or better because of things he had accomplished. Looney was a genuine good guy who made people happy to be around him and enjoy life. So here is my favorite Looney story from high school that I have shared with his family before. Keep in mind we were seniors in 1999 so this will sound dated, Looney was a wide receiver on the football team. Helmut's back then were not as good and some had this extra shell you had to put on top of them, some of you remember what I am talking about. So Looney has this big shell that goes on top of his helmet and the shell comes on and off. One day as I am sitting in a class who walks by the door but my bud Looney and then he disappears. About twenty seconds later he walks by again but this time with no helmet but just the shell on his head. I was laughing and watching him walk back and forth with that shell on made our day and his smile as we laughed is how I always remember my friend Brendan. So this weekend make sure you remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and honor them in your own way. Miss you brother and Go Stags

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05/23/2014 2:30PM
Memorial Day 5/23/14
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05/27/2014 2:46PM
Memorial Day
That was a very beautiful and human blog! Memorial Day is always a tough day but good to remember the fun stories
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