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Final Four Weekend 3/30/12


    This week I got a bad flu and missed a couple days of work. Number one I do not like to sick days so I was not happy about that but then on the other side I also do not like to be that sick. I like to think I know my body and I was scared that it was going to get worse and get pneumonia. I had it a couple years ago so I am always worried if I don't take care of myself when sick I will get it again. The point of this is that I am going to lay low this weekend and stay in the house and watch sports and a great weekend to do it.


    First on Saturday we have the Final Four games. Now I am not the biggest college hoops fan the last couple of years but I enjoy March Madness and the Final Four. I am very much looking forward to the first match-up this weekend which is Kentucky VS Louisville. Its a huge rivalry game already and then you toss on top that it is for a birth in the National Championship game. If that is not enough of a reason to watch this game the two coaches don't really like each other and have not for years. It should be a great game and a exciting match up. The second game is between Ohio St. and Kansas. I don't really have too much passion for either team but for some reason I am just not a Ohio St. fan so I will be Rock, Chalk, Jayhawks for the second game. I plan on watching these two games at a bar and have a couple beers and then its back to my couch for the Sounders FC match. I am a season ticket holder but am skipping this one since I was sick all week. I figure sitting out in the rain and cold might be the best call in the world. Either way I have a nice little Saturday planned and hope you have a great weekend as well.

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03/30/2012 6:27PM
Final Four Weekend 3/30/12
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