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Football 9/5/12

    Football is back and back hard dude. That sounds funny the way I wrote that so I am going to leave it in. Last weekend College football kicked off and it was great to see all the new helmets and bands. Side note it is also always great to see college girls back as well. Crowd shots are the best at college games and trust me Husky fans you will be impressed at LSU this weekend. So tonight the big boy of USA sports is back in NFL football.
    Now over the years I have watched less and less NFL mainly because as a Redskin fan I am not happy with the owner ever. NFL just blows me away because it is everyone in the USA that watches it. Now if you reading this and saying I don't watch it Ted I am not talking to you specifically, I am saying in general when you look at the numbers there is no comparison that NFL is king the USA. I have some friends the are as blue collar as can be and they live and breath NFL. I also have some friends who are white collar and they love the NFL just as much as those guys. I am a College football nerd and slowly become a soccer nerd as well. The thing that makes life easier as a Maryland football fan is that my Sounders are playing well. So my point in this blog today is go enjoy some football tonight tomorrow or this weekend and withier it be NFL, College football, or English football go play and watch some. It will give you something to talk about with people as well

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09/05/2012 3:10PM
Football 9/5/12
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