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Friday 3/11/11

    What up blogger? So how you doing? Anyhow today is Friday and man do I love a Friday. First off I think Friday is the best day of the week becuase you have the whole weekend ahead of you and the world is your oyster at that point. Usally Fridays at work are a little easier and the boss is not on your back as much or maybe the boss just snuck out early so you got some breathing room. The other good thing about Friday's is that you can sleep in on Saturday's if you don't have to work weekends. If you have to work weekends most of this post is not for you. Anyhow the point of this post today is that tonight when you are out haveing fun remember that Japan got rocked with a hugh earthquake and tsuinomi on Friday afternoon around 2pm. Just keep them in mind since that is a horrible thing that happened on a Friday afternoon. I just can't imangein somehting like that. WOW

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03/11/2011 10:32AM
Friday 3/11/11
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