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Friends 2/14/14

    These days it is very hard to tell who are friends and who are not. I bring this up because I feel like the word friend has gotten deluded with Facebook friends. These people for the most part are not your fiends and are people you know but not really friendly with. I think friend is a word that should mean something. Now I have lot of people I know and they know me but I don't think I would say we are friends. Some of these people are just people I know though other people as well. Everyone is going to have different views on friendship as they see it but I think you should have some good friends and from time to time you are going to lean on each other. Also most of the friends I would say are good friends I have had issues with. I think it is a lot like family and who has not had a issue in their family before, also if you are reading this and saying I have never had a issue in my family someone is lying to you. Friends are a important part of life in my opinion and they should be. Also it is valentines day and even though I am not a fan of it I will remind everyone that has a girl to get a card. Not saying go crazy but you better at the very least have that card my man, I got mine on Tuesday myself  

02/14/2014 2:22PM
Friends 2/14/14
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