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Frontline and Tosh 7/26/11

    What up blogger? So man that was a nice weekend last weekend was it not? I found a new thing that I really enjoyed and that is sailing. Not just going out on a boat but setting sail and sterring the sailboat was great. I have also relized that they is a differnce between power boat people and sailboat people. Now I would have always thought of myself as a power boat guy and I have fun on those boats but the sailboat blew me away. I was kind of shocked I was into it to be honset. I just figured why would you bother seeting sail when we have engines but it's a lot of fun and when you got that good tilt going its damn exciteing.

    Now onto the title of this blog which is about frontline and Tosh.0. I think it is kind of odd but that I really like those two shows on a Tuesday night. I like frontline becuase it makes me think about stuff and teaches about stuff that I generally don't have any idea is going on. Now Tosh.0 i like for the other reason. I like it becuase it is about nothing serious and I don't have to think if I don't want too. Sometimes I hate thinking so it is fun to watch shows like Tosh.0 and Workohaulics. Sometimes I just hate thinking because it hurts my head and thinking too much in my opinon is as bad as never thinking. Speaking of things I have been thinking about is I really wish we could figure out a way to make something that taste as good as chips without all the bad stuff that comes with eating chips

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07/26/2011 2:13PM
Frontline and Tosh 7/26/11
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