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Fun trips 4/16/14

    I am excited as I write this blog because I have a weekend trip planned with my good buddy Steve the Producer from the BJ Shea Morning Experience. I am going to Spokane for the second year in a row with his hockey team the Tacoma Donkeys. They play in a hockey tournament out there and I am in as coach/moral support for the boys. The first thing I learned about hockey and you can just say F*ck boys whether it is a bad thing or a good thing. Let me show you how it works, a guy chugs a beer and spills "F*ck boys come on". Now on the same token it can used for something good as well, the team is playing well and dominating "F*ck boys, great shift". At this tournament  there is also a lot of Canadian guys and they are fun to drink beers with, did I mention that there is a beer garden that has people in it no matter what time of the day it is. I do enjoy the ride out as well since we have a party bus to take us out there. Now I am sure that you have taken a rode trip before but a five hour road trip in a party bus is just unreal. Last year we took a limo out there and I was not in good shape by the time we made it to Spokane. My point of this blog is I am going to have fun and I hope that you get a chance to have some fun trips in your life. I do believe that having a escape some times is good for the soul and your friendships. Party on my friends and get a trip in with your buddy's. Lets get it Donkeys

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04/16/2014 2:17PM
Fun trips 4/16/14
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